PWAs or Progressive Web Apps have made a significant mark in a short span of time in the web industry. At the time when fast and compact web solutions are ruling the world, conventional web apps are becoming less effective as they fail to meet all expectations.

Progressive web development services have become popular in the web industry in recent years due to their immense benefits including hefty savings in development costs. By creating these web apps, you can develop a robust native mobile app-like web app for your business while reducing the web development costs.

What is PWA? Why is a Progressive Web App for Business Important?

There are numerous definitions and explanations available on the internet on PWA. It is just like another web app but with further enhancements that enable it to imitate a native mobile app. They are built with the help of a few technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Progressive web apps are designed to add a new level to mobile experience as they behave like native mobile apps but are simple websites at the core. It is a browser-based app that acts as an alternative to mobile apps. Moreover, progressive web apps follow the basic web standards that make them discoverable and shareable.

If you need reasons for why you need a progressive web app for business then have a look at these statistics of PWAs of different companies:

  • Daily Active Users of Starbucks doubled with its PWA
  • PWA of Uber takes maximum 3 seconds to load on 2G network
  • Treebo witnessed a 4 times increase in conversion rate after it launched the PWA.

We hope, now you can get some clarity on why you cannot afford to avoid progressive web app development for your business. It not only brings better user interaction but also helps you gain assured growth.

To know more about PWA, you read our comprehensive PWA guide.

9 Progressive Web App Benefits for Your Business

Although a progressive web app looks and feels like a native app it has limited functionality as compared to the native counterpart. Below are the top progressive web app advantages that set it apart from other web apps and native apps.


A PWA uses the progressive enhancement principle that enables it to work for every user irrelevant to browser choice or device. In other words, it empowers the forefront of technology that removes the digital boundaries Operating systems for businesses while reaching the customers. It allows you to connect with the target audience from a one-in-all platform.

App-like Experience

The most enticing feature of a PWA is its app-like interface that makes people believe that they are interacting with a real mobile app. With this feature, PWAs can provide a better user experience. Just like an app, you can notify people about your products and services. Other than this, PWAs are not dependent on app stores like a usual native app.


With millions of smartphone users, responsive design no longer has a choice. Not allow websites are mobile-friendly. But when it comes to PWA, you can enjoy a responsive design. Due to the responsive architecture, these applications can run on any device be it a mobile, desktop, tablet, or anything else.

Connectivity Independent

One key advantage of PWAs is that they can run even with a slow internet connection. With the power of service worker script, these apps can work irrespective of a stable internet connection. It works on pre-loading and caching files. This allows perfect background sync with seamless user interaction.

Always Updated

Unlike native apps that require constant updates to ensure security and smooth performance, PWAs are always fresh and don’t require explicit updates. Since progressive web apps are websites, whenever you run a PWA, it always loads fresh and updated.


Sharing a PWA is quite easy, unlike native applications that require special applications to share these apps. One can share a PWA with a link and send it to as many people as he/she desires. With that link, others can install the PWA in a jiffy. This makes marketing highly convenient. You just need to copy-paste the link to your PWA and share it via different messengers. It facilities the easy spread of words.


Like websites, progressive web apps can also be found on search engine results. With the help of the best progressive web app development company, you can create a PWA for your business that will be visible on the search engine and whosoever finds it can readily install it on his/her device. This makes it beneficial for businesses that are into digital commerce. Know more about why you should use PWA for your eCommerce business?

Work Offline, Fast, and Safe

Progressive web apps are laced with service workers which are the technology that works behind the scene and caches the content that is loaded every time you run these apps. As a result, a PWA can work even if there is no internet connection due to the cached content. Further, PWAs are served through secure HTTPS protocol so they are quite secure. Also, due to caching, small size, and other optimizations, they run faster than websites and mobile apps.

Push Notifications

One of the most essential features of a PWA that equates it to mobile apps is the push notifications. An app can push notifications that help in re-engaging users when they are not using the app. Similarly, PWAs also offers push notifications that ensure user engagement.

These are the key features that PWAs possess. If you want to migrate your website to PWA then you can read our complete guide to get the step by step procedure. You can also look for a top PWA development company to build a progressive web app.

Why is Progressive Web App Development Cost Less?

By opting for progressive web app development services, businesses can obtain several benefits especially eCommerce businesses. The following are some advantages that businesses can obtain in terms of costs with progressive web apps.

Single Website-cum-app for Many Platforms

If you decide to build a website, you will need to optimize it for multiple devices like mobiles and desktops. Similarly, when choosing to develop native apps, you will have to suffer costs on the development of two or more different products. Since you will need to develop apps for different mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Developing a PWA is cost-effective because you save the money that might have to be spent on developing a cross-platform web solution or app. By converting your website to a PWA will save you hefty amounts in cost. A single PWA can run on any device whether it is desktop, laptop, or mobile. Further, it will work on multiple mobile operating systems too such as Android and iOS.

Quick Launch

Every business owner wants to launch his or her website as soon as possible. However, launching a website requires some time as the development process is longer and time-taking. On the other hand, the development and launching of PWAs are faster because you need to create a single solution that will run on multiple platforms, also the development is done with basic web technologies. Progressive web app developers can create a PWA in relatively less time than conventional web apps or native apps.

Get an App in the Budget of a Website

We all know that progressive web apps are providing the benefits of mobile apps. But if you will compare the mobile app development cost with web app development cost, there is a huge difference. Hence, in the case of PWA, a business can get a PWA at the similar cost of a website. In a nutshell, you can get app benefits at the cost of the web. If you already have a website then you should think about converting the website into a PWA. It will help you reap the benefits of iOS or Android apps.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Today, people love websites and apps that are fast, secure, run in low data bandwidth, and take only a little space on their devices. There is only one web solution that holds all these attributes and it’s a PWA. This is not a mere website that runs in a separate browser window, but it serves the purpose of a real mobile application.

If you are willing to develop a PWA for your business, then CSSChopper is the most trusted company to rely on. You can choose the best PWA developer and create a progressive web application of your own. We are a leading technology partner and have delivered successful projects for clients worldwide.

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