Web Typography Rules

In layman terms, web typography can be explained as the process of using different fonts on the Web. On the other way around, the web typography is a beautiful art of designing and arranging different types of web fonts, letters, words and paragraphs used to create great web design as per priorities. Good typography of the web mainly helps a designer to establish effective visual hierarchy and provides good visual punctuation as well as graphic accents. Web typography helps online readers to connect the text with images without any hassle.

It is a well-known fact that TEXT plays very significant role in web designing. Interestingly, in a well-designed website, more and more online visitors are looking for text rather than color, images, graphics or sound. In fact, web fonts allow all web designers to use different fonts that are not installed on the end user’s computer system effectively. Web typography is an important aspect of web designing. From the past few years, lots of advancement has been noticed in the typography of web.

There are some prominent areas by focusing on which a person can easily improve his web typography. The long list of improvement tips includes font, size, scale and hierarchy, the vertical rhythm of line spacing, measurement, well-planned grid and alignment, white space, color, and contrast. Apart from that, right usage techniques like CSS image replacement, Scalable Inman Flash replacement, cufón, Facelift Image Replacement, etc. Last but not least, the most advanced feature known as [email protected] rule.

Good web typography really holds a significant place in web designing and helps to create perfect web portal by good web developer. However, there are some key principals regarding web typography should be kept in mind by a web design discussed below:

  •   Strong horizontal movement
  •   Simple but strong typography
  •   Good management of white space
  •   Upsizing of typography
  •   Fun fonts add spontaneity

Web typography is a very important aspect when overlooked by a designer’s point of view. If the content is king then Typography is the queen. To get a well-designed website, a person should simply consider all the key factors discussed above and give edges to the centerpiece of his innovative concept called “TEXT”.

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