It seems overwhelming when you embark on creating your eCommerce website. Isn’t it? Indeed, there are many questions in your mind, especially which platform to choose to build that website.

Undoubtedly, choosing the right eCommerce platform is crucial to building that perfect website. And, if you are aware, it’s no easy feat, given so many options out there.

WooCommerce is among the premier eCommerce platforms with dozens of great benefits. It is an open-source and customizable eCommerce platform built on WordPress.

You might wonder, but 25% of the top one million websites use WooCommerce. This data describes the significance of WooCommerce in developing eCommerce websites.

If you also have decided to use this platform for your eCommerce website, you need a WooCommerce development tutorial that’s easy to follow. Well, you are in the right place because this blog is a complete guide to WooCommerce development.

With this ultimate WooCommerce web development guide, we will walk you through the steps to build an eCommerce website and its benefits. Also, you will know how to choose a suitable WooCommerce development company to create a well-customized eCommerce store. Keep reading for complete information.

What Makes WooCommerce a Unique eCommerce Platform?

WooCommerce works with WordPress because it’s a plugin that you can install on your site to set up eCommerce websites conveniently. Do you wish to build a unique website with pinpoint customization? You can rely on WooCommerce web development.

WooCommerce offers excellent customizability as an open-source platform, and you can use it to build complex stores. Small and large businesses globally are using this platform for their eCommerce stores.

It leverages the functionalities of WordPress being an extension to the CMS. As a result, it becomes more powerful with lots of features and benefits. Besides this, you can utilize various WooCommerce plugins and themes to customize your website as you choose.

It offers endless development possibilities by integrating other services to enhance the capabilities of your eCommerce store.

What percentage of online stores use WooCommerce

Benefits of Developing an eCommerce Site on WooCommerce

WooCommerce offers several advantages you may not avail of with many other eCommerce platforms, such as ease of third-party integration and high-level customization. For instance, you can go through WooCommerce vs Shopify comparison

to know some differences. It offers excellent benefits that you can take advantage of to build robust eCommerce websites.


WooCommerce is fully customizable, and you can create an eCommerce store using a prebuilt template or build from scratch. Using official plugins, you can extend or add functionality to your eCommerce as per your requirements. Your developers can help to create plugins as per specific needs.

All-in-one Suite for eCommerce

WooCommerce development provides you with all kinds of features and tools for eCommerce, including configurable shipping options, secure payments, and more.

WooCommerce Enterprise

For high-volume, WooCommerce offers an enterprise version allowing you to grow your website to handle more traffic.

Develop Without Any Limit

WooCommerce is built with REST API, which offers the potential to create more complex eCommerce stores. It offers scalability that allows you to integrate any third-party services. It is simple to enhance your store’s capabilities.

Large Community

As an open-source platform, WooCommerce is supported by a large community contributing to its advancement. The community provides various solutions that make your eCommerce endeavor hassle-free and useful.

Steps for Setting Up WooCommerce Website

wocommerce steps

Step 1: Install WordPress

Firstly, you need web hosting and install WordPress on your host server. Typically, web hosting services offer a one-click install option for WordPress. If there is no such option, you can find ways to install it on their website.

Step 2: Add WooCommerce Plugin

Once you have set up WordPress, the next step is to add the WooCommerce plugin. Go to the admin section in WordPress and click Plugins >> Add New. Search for WooCommerce and install it. After installing it, hit ‘Activate’ to make it function.

Step 3: Set Up WooCommerce Store

You will find many steps you have to complete on the WooCommerce dashboard once installed. You can easily add products manually, with a template, and import via CSV.

Step 4: Set Up the Payment

Now, you need to set up payments to allow customers to shop online. You can set up payments from the checklist of setups. There are many payment processors like PayPal and Stripe. There are other payment options like cash on delivery and direct bank transfer.

Complete other setups like shipping and taxes to finish your WooCommerce store.

How to Choose a Good WooCommerce Development Company?

Suppose you are stuck with a question: How to develop a WooCommerce plugin or theme? You need a unique theme to build a website that can stand out from the competition.

You can rely on a WooCommerce developer to build your eCommerce website if you want to make it from scratch. Also, if you want to create a custom website theme or plugin, you will need experts to build it.

However, selecting the best company for WooCommerce development services is hard-nut-to-crack because of so many service providers. The following steps can be helpful if you want to know how to find a WooCommerce developer.

Here are some tips for finding a good WooCommerce development partner:

Determine your requirements

You should first start by determining your needs and requirements. For this, you need to answer questions like ‘What’s the project’s scope?’ ‘What’s the type of project?’ ‘What type of features or customization do you want?’ and so on.

By answering the above questions, you can find out what you really want from the WooCommerce development partner. For instance, you may want to build a B2B eCommerce website, B2C, or a multivendor website. Depending on your requirements, you can look for the service provider that can best meet your needs.

Cultural Fit

Another important factor you should consider when hiring WooCommerce developers is to look for a cultural fit. Communication and timezone barriers are common when it comes to outsourcing your web development project globally. Look for a development partner that is ready to work as per your timezone and efficient in communication.

Experience and Specialization

The next thing you should seek is the overall experience and level of specialization in WooCommerce development. Check if the company you wish to choose has worked on a similar WooCommerce development project as yours. Can it build the website with desired functionalities? By checking the company’s overall experience, you can choose a good WooCommerce development partner.

Reputation of the Company

Reviews and ratings are pretty helpful for estimating a company’s reputation for providing WooCommerce development services. You can use websites like GoodFirms and Clutch to get reviews and ratings about a company. These websites are popular for reviews and ratings for different types of companies. It can help you find a reliable company to build your WooCommerce store.

Cost of WooCommerce Website Development

You might be wondering, is WooCommerce free? WooCommerce is itself a free platform that you can easily integrate into your WordPress website without any license fees. However, there are other expenses involved in developing a website on WooCommerce, such as hosting, domain, customization, plugin, theme development, etc. Moreover, when it comes to WooCommerce website development, the cost varies based on these factors. In order to get a proper estimate, you need to discuss your requirements and project scope.

Also readeCommerce Website Development Cost

Final Note

WooCommerce is an excellent platform for building eCommerce websites and provides top-notch eCommerce functionalities. It lets you build feature-packed websites with an excellent opportunity to grow your store with your business. If you want to create a website, you can rely on WooCommerce developers to leverage their expertise to create a cutting-edge eCommerce store.

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