Comprehensive Guide On WordPress Website Development

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Wordpress Website Development Guide

With lots of competition in the markets around the world, businesses strive to get an edge over competitors and a robust website can make their dreams come true. Creating a website by yourself is not a difficult task today thanks to convenient web development platforms like WordPress. However, creating an effective and professional website isn’t easy and requires expertise, in that case, you can deploy a WordPress expert to build a website as per your need.

Developers are using multiple ways to develop unique and innovative websites for their clients. PSD to WordPress conversion has become one of the exclusive methods to develop peerless websites. Under this method, clients can provide developers with PSD or Photoshop designs that they convert into an elegant WordPress website theme. Before we jump right into how to get started with WordPress, a quick review of the platform is important.

What is WordPress?

Although WordPress needs no introduction, yet a small discussion about it is required. WordPress is the most popular content management system which is a free and open-source web development platform. It offers many distinct advantages that make it a dominant web development platform in the market today. Being an open-source platform, WordPress gives you complete control of a site and lets you build your heart’s content.

You can choose this platform to develop any kind of website be it a simple or a professional web portal. You can choose the latest edition of WordPress to get enhanced features to build your site before this you should know everything about WordPress 5.5.

WordPress powers more than 40% of websites on the web and holds a huge share of more than 60% of the CMS market. This simple stat is enough to reckon with the popularity of WordPress.

Key Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress Website Development

Features of WordPress Website Development

Every website whether small or big requires a good CMS and WordPress can be that ideal choice. There are many reasons why choosing WordPress web development can be beneficial for your business. Here are a few important points about the importance of this excellent platform.

It is free and open-source

The key attraction of WordPress is that it is a completely free and open-source content management system. This gives a great push to its popularity and any kind of person can use it to start a website without paying any licensing or subscription fees. Further, being an open-source platform, it offers complete freedom to customize websites as per individual requirements. You can hire dedicated WordPress developer to create a highly customized website for your business.

It is very flexible 

The next important benefit of WordPress is its flexibility. No matter what type of website you want, you can build one using this platform. Whether it is as simple as a blog or as complex as an eCommerce website, you can develop the desired website using WordPress. As initially, it was a blogging platform, so you get the cleanest and fastest way to write and publish blogs on WordPress. Types of websites you can build on it include (but are not limited to) eLearning sites, business websites, blogs, job boards, chat rooms, forums, Q&A sites, Wikis, and more.

It supports different media types

Media in your content play an important role and adding images, videos, etc can make your site more engaging. WordPress supports different types of media files and offers a very convenient way to upload, edit, and publish media content. The media formats supported by WordPress include JPG, PNG, PDF, DOC, PPTX, MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and more. Hence you can build media-rich websites easily by opting for WordPress web development for your site.

It is easy and has a huge community

Another plus point of choosing WordPress development is that it is a very easy and beginner-friendly platform. Installing it is easy and most web hosting providers offer one-click installation for WordPress. It has hefty community support from varied users and WordPress enthusiasts who play an active role in the evolution of this platform. The community is very helpful for both beginners and experienced users alike. Different users can find answers to their questions from the community. Apart from this, a lot of articles, blogs, videos, documentation, etc are available to find information related to installation, plugins, themes, errors, and other topics all you need to find is a reliable technology partner then only most of the issues or problems of WordPress users can be resolved easily.

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Freehand on Customization

Tons of website themes and plugins are one of the key reasons why many businesses prefer WordPress. Users get a huge mix of free and paid themes and plugins to choose from with this platform. These themes and plugins are essential to create customized websites. Any online business can choose a theme that meets its requirements and add plugins to extend the functionality as per its needs and requirements. So, the platform offers a free hand to every WordPress user to create a unique and exclusive website easily. They can also choose WordPress website development services to build more advanced and highly customized sites.

Search Engine Friendly

Every website owner aspires to have the highest rank for his/her website on search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) plays a crucial role in a website’s ranking. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform, so it allows creating search engine-friendly websites. From the structure of the platform to its features, WordPress is completely SEO-friendly.

4 Easy Steps to Set Up a WordPress a Website

Choose a domain and select a web host

The first step in the process of creating a WordPress website is to choose a domain name for your site. The domain name is important because it defines your brand and makes your business identifiable on the web. After choosing the desired domain name, you now have to select a web host. Choose the right web host for your website or seek an expert’s help. Also, you should buy SSL certificates and security solutions.

Install WordPress on the web host

You can install WordPress in two ways: a) Manual installation and b) One-click installation

Manual installation

Although most of the web hosts offer one-click installation for WordPress, in case it is not available then you can follow this manual installation guide below. You will need to use an FTP client, so download an FTP client like FileZilla. Here we will show the steps using Filezilla.

  • Connect to the host using FileZilla.
  • Note down your MySQL database name, username and password by using cPanel. Create a new database with a new user if you don’t already have one.
  • Download the latest WordPress on your computer then open the wp-config.php file. Copy and paste the name of your database along with your username and password in this file then save it.

One-click installation

The following steps provide info on how to install WordPress with a one-click installation method.

  • Login to the dashboard in your web host cPanel then goes to WordPress Tools.
  • Click the WordPress Installer option then click the Install tab.
  • Choose protocol and domain to install the CMS.
  • Enter Site Name and Site Description then create an Admin Username and Admin Password by entering the info.
  • Choose the language you want for your site.
  • Finally, click install.

Configure website from the admin dashboard

After installation of the CMS now go to the admin dashboard and do the following:

a) Set permalinks

b) Make website public

c) Set tagline and website title

d) Allow/disallow comments

e) Set time zone

Select and install a website theme

WordPress comes with three default themes, but you can add any other theme as per your requirement. The default themes are very basic and may not fulfill your requirement. You can choose a theme from the WordPress marketplace or a third-party marketplace like Themeforest. You can choose a WordPress development company to build a custom theme as per your unique requirements. Also, you should install essential plugins like optimization plugins, security plugins, etc.

Final Note

WordPress is a topmost content management system that comes equipped with a host of excellent benefits be it a user-friendly interface or various plugins and themes available for users. One can build a decent website using this CMS without knowledge of coding. But creating a professional website requires experts’ help. You can choose a WordPress web development company like CSSChopper to create an exclusive website for your business. We can develop a WordPress website from scratch or convert your static HTML website to a dynamic site with our HTML to WordPress conversion service.

This content management system is widely used by many giant businesses in the world like TechCrunch, BBC America, Bloomberg, Sony Music, MTV News, and more. So, it is a popular platform for even many big brands. Ease of use and the elegant interface makes WordPress a premier choice for lots of businesses.


11 March 2021
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