WordPress has emerged as a dominating website development platform globally that now powers 39.5% of websites on the internet in 2021 than 34% previously. It is the most popular open-source content management system that has a huge user base. WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging platform but soon it evolved into a fully-functional content management system and today captures almost 64% of the CMS market in the world.

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to WordPress website development due to the increasing popularity of this content management. Nowadays, you can launch virtually every kind of website be it a blog, corporate site, or an eCommerce store using WordPress.

Custom WordPress Development vs Ready-Made WordPress Themes

Although WordPress is so easy that you can create a decent website within a few steps without coding. What you need is to install WordPress on your system then register a user and finally add a theme from the admin dashboard to set up your site. Even you don’t need a theme because many default themes are already available with every WordPress installation.

But there are lots of pre-built themes available on the official WordPress market as well as online marketplaces like ThemeForest. You can find themes for different industries and different businesses that may also fulfill your own requirements.

However, businesses require unique websites that’s why they need customization arises and you start looking for a WordPress expert. You can hire web developer to create a unique and attractive website with the help of the expertise of the developer. But you should choose the right WordPress developer. You should ask questions from WordPress developers before you hire them.

A custom WordPress theme is created as per the unique requirements of a business that provides an edge over competitors. While pre-built themes have the same design, custom themes are created according to the requirements of different businesses. Hence custom themes are important when you need a unique site.

Wordpress Website Development

Benefits of WordPress Development

WordPress is the best content management system available in the market and there are many reasons why it is so popular. The following are some key benefits of WordPress that make it so popular among developers and entrepreneurs.

Easy to use 

WordPress is known for its ease of use that has made it a favorite CMS of many users and has beaten competitors like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc. You can see the difference here in the WordPress vs Drupal blog to know which one is better. The simple user interface and convenient features of WordPress make it an easy-to-use website development platform. When using WordPress, you don’t need to master any coding skills like HTML, CSS, or PHP.

You can easily develop a decent website using this CMS without knowing to code. It offers a simple admin panel at the backend that you can use to manage, operate, and maintain your site. With intuitive features, an in-built dashboard, plugins, themes, and easy settings, WordPress offers full control over websites.

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Easy to Install

Getting started with WordPress is a breeze because it is easy to install. Today, most hosting providers also offer one-click installation. It has a simple and quick installation process that takes a few minutes. You need to simply create the web pages and upload your database. You can also install it using an FTP program. Create a database then upload WordPress and finally install it to get started with the platform.

Responsive Websites 

Mobile devices are prevalent around the world now and they have become an important place to fetch web traffic. Consequently, entrepreneurs are investing in responsive website development to create mobile-friendly websites. You need to create a responsive website to reach potential customers on mobile devices. WordPress enables you to develop responsive websites that allow you to reach prospects on numerous devices.

Themes & Plugins

What if you want to create a custom website that fulfills all the unique needs of your business? You can depend on WordPress because it has plenty of options for customization that allow you to create tailor-made websites. Tons of website themes and plugins are available for WordPress on varied marketplaces. Even on the official WordPress market, thousands of themes and plugins are available that include both free and paid versions. You can hire WordPress developers to customize your website more precisely.

SEO-Friendly Sites

Another important thing that attracts developers and entrepreneurs to WordPress website development is search engine optimization. WordPress has built-in SEO features and its structure complies with SEO guidelines that make it a search engine-friendly CMS. Thus if you create a website using this CMS, you will have an SEO-friendly website.

Easy Media Management

Websites are composed of pages that include varied elements like text, images, videos, graphics, and so on. And, today many developers or entrepreneurs prefer to design their websites first using tools like Photoshop and then convert them to WordPress. Indeed, PSD to WordPress conversion has become a popular method to create attractive websites. WordPress offers an easy way to manage media elements like videos and images. So, adding, modifying, and deleting media elements is quite easy on WordPress.

Cost-effective CMS

This is the most alluring benefit of WordPress. Since it is an open-source and free content management system, anyone can use it freely to develop websites and to modify them. The development and maintenance of websites are cheap with this platform. You can develop different websites, even an eCommerce site using the WooCommerce plugin

Comparing the Top 3 CMS in the Market Today

Although the market abounds in lots of content management systems, three of them are at the top position. Here is a brief comparison table for the top 3 CMSs that are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Basis WordPress Joomla Drupal
CMS Type It is open-source (Free) It is open-source (Free) It is open-source (Free)
Market share Nearly 64% Nearly 3.9% Nearly 2.6%
Easy to use Easy for beginners (5/5) Little easy for beginners (4/5) Needs coding skills (3.5/5)
Installation method Offer one-click installation/manually installation in 5 minutes Offer one-click installation/manually installation within 10 minutes Offer one-click installation/manually installation within 10 minutes
Themes/templates FREE Official Theme are 7,707+ and Premium Themes available at ThemeForest are 11,000+ No official templates are available and
Premium Templates available at ThemeForest are 1,100+
Official themes are 2,897+ and Premium themes available at ThemeForest are 500+
Plugins/extensions FREE Official Plugins are more than 56,884 Official Extensions are more than 8,000 (They include both FREE and Paid) Official Drupal Modules are more than 45,861

As you can see in the above comparison table, WordPress offers more themes and plugins than the rest of CMSs that means it offers more customization opportunities. Also, WordPress outperforms both Joomla and Drupal in terms of ease of use with a rating of 5/5. The user base of WordPress which is around 64% tells us about the immense popularity of this content management system.

What is the fate of WordPress Website Development?

WordPress is becoming more and more popular and it shows no signs of halting.  It has left many web development platforms behind and has become the king of the CMS market. Moreover, WordPress is considered to grow and more users will be using this platform. WordPress has beaten many platforms including Magento and Wix when it comes to eCommerce website development. You can see the Wix vs WordPress comparison now more.

You will rarely find any static website today because this is the era of dynamic sites. And, WordPress is a preferred choice for developing dynamic sites. Indeed, those who have static sites are now opting for HTML to WordPress conversion to create dynamic websites.

Final Note

WordPress has been dominating the world of content management systems for a long time and has emerged as a popular choice for website development. Dozens of reasons contribute to the success of this CMS around the world. We have discussed these reasons to help you understand why different entrepreneurs are using it. So, this is the reason why everyone is going behind WordPress website development.

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