Today, the digital ecosystem is flooded with innumerable frameworks that are used for building websites. All these frameworks offer rich functionality and feature-set that are effective in taking your online business to heights.

As you are well versed in the fact, PHP is a popular server-side scripting language. It comes with a host of frameworks. CakePHP, Laravel, and CodeIgniter are three major PHP frameworks that are recommended for creating sites and web apps.  If you are planning for PHP web development and unable to decide which framework you should choose, then this post will assist you in a better way.

Which One to Choose – CakePHP or CodeIgniter?

Which One to Choose : CodeIgniter or Cake PHP

CakePHP and CodeIgniter have lots of similarities that lead to a comparison between them. Both these frameworks adhere to Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and deploy routing methods. Let’s have a look at their detailed comparison on top features:


When it comes to the simplicity of the framework, the point goes to CodeIgniter. The coding is done completely within the libraries and developers can easily access the activities that are being performed during the CodeIgniter framework development.

On the other hand, using CakePHP, the coding becomes an effortless process. But, when the developers require access to any information, they need to dive deeper.

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Model-View-Controller (MVC)

As mentioned earlier, both CakePHP and CodeIgniter utilize the MVC structure. With CodeIgniter, you can develop websites without deploying the MVC model by hiring web developer. As a result, the code becomes insecure and anyone will get access to the add query filtration.

In the case of CakePHP, it is a tough task to build a website without using the MVC model. You can look for the trusted CakePHP development services for building a web portal with the help of this framework.


CakePHP comes with a default layout where the implementation of header, footer, and sidebar is an easy task. On the other side, CodeIgniter follows the direct approach for developing the layout. It also offers a caching mechanism for the view that simplifies the work.

Which is a Better Framework- CakePHP or Laravel?

CakePHP and Laravel are two renowned open-source frameworks that are greatly used by developers. To create high-performance and feature-packed web apps, these frameworks are an ideal option to go with. Let’s compare them based on certain features to find out which one you should choose.

Which is a Batter Framework : cakePHP or laravel

Templating Engine

Building appealing and interactive layouts is a hassle-free process with a templating engine. Compared to CakePHP,  Laravel comes with a lightweight, configurable, and flexible template engine. Due to this, the developers get the flexibility to add features without any trouble. This is the reason why Laravel framework development has become popular amongst the developers.

Framework Architecture

CakePHP provides class inheritances that are easy to use. Additionally, it has an improved structure that contributes to simple maintenance. While Laravel comes with architecture that supports third-party plug-ins. Owing to this feature, some components can be used again.

Community Support

This is one of the major reasons why CakePHP framework development is preferred.  You will find a reliable firm that specializes in this domain as this framework has been present for quite a while now. Plus, it is backed by a community of talented and enthusiastic programmers. With Laravel, you will find assistance through public forums for your queries.

Which is a Better Framework – Laravel or CodeIgniter?

Which is Better Framework : Laravel or CodeIgniter

If you need an intuitive framework that can be grasped without any problem, then you should consider CodeIgniter. If your project is enterprise-level, then Laravel is the right option. Check out this detailed comparison to determine which one you should choose.

Learning Curve

CodeIgniter offers a small learning curve as compared to Laravel. However, Laravel comes with more vast tools and features than CodeIgniter.  The complexity of Laravel further gets increases due to additional features. For this reason, it would be difficult for beginners to understand. They have to invest a good amount of time to cover different aspects of Laravel development.

When it comes to CodeIgniter framework development, the developers will easily grasp its functionality in a minimum amount of time.

Stability & Reliability

As Laravel is released with an MIT license, its source code will be hosted under GitHub. This makes it highly reliable in comparison to other PHP frameworks. When it is about the stability of the web app, you can count upon CodeIgniter.

Community Support

Since both frameworks are open-source in nature, they enjoy the extensive support of members. However, it has been found out that community members of the Laravel community are more proactive than CodeIgniter. For getting instant solutions online, the developers consider Laravel to be an effective option. So, choosing Laravel development services can prove beneficial in the long run.

Ending Thoughts

After reading a detailed comparison between the frameworks, it would be helpful for you to decide which one you should opt for your project. In general, the choice does not depend upon the feature-set of the PHP framework. It relies on the entire functionality of a particular framework and how effectively you can utilize them in your project. Therefore, pick the above-mentioned frameworks in accordance with your development needs and cut down the time and cost.

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