Top 7 eCommerce Web Development Trends for 2021

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eCommerce Web Development trends for 2021

Today, we live in the digital age and are surrounded by multifarious gadgets and equipment that make our lives convenient and vibrant. Whether it’s about sending a mail, getting some information, or buying the desired products, it’s a matter of a few clicks to perform these activities. As eCommerce businesses are growing around the world, online shopping is becoming more prevalent across nations. It has inspired many entrepreneurs to invest in eCommerce web development

However, creating the right eCommerce website is not that easy as it seems. You need proper planning and consider the latest trends in eCommerce to create a robust website. Trends are important to look at when it comes to website development as they give us the best way to develop websites. Here we will discuss the top 7 eCommerce web development trends 2021 to build a modern and efficacious eCommerce website. 

eCommerce Web Development trends for 2021

  1. Voice Search

Ever since the advent of smart speakers and voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc, people’s lives have become different and easier in many ways. These devices and tools are here to differentiate people’s lives by helping in making a transition from “typing” to “speaking”. Voice devices and tools are designed to receive certain voice commands that enable users to access a myriad of services. Voice search has become a popular trend and it will remain so in 2021 too. 

Many eCommerce platforms are providing various solutions regarding Voice User Interface that allows users to search for products based on voice commands. You can choose Shopify website development or any other platform of your choice and optimize your website for voice search. Voice search also boosts SEO, so it is beneficial for businesses in multiple ways.  

  1. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is vital for online businesses to achieve their goals that have been set up for growth and revenue. It allows them to manage their marketing processes as well as automate their campaigns that run on multiple channels. When you combine eCommerce with marketing automation, you get a perfect recipe for online business. You can provide the best shopping experience as well as create effective marketing campaigns to target the desired audience. 

Moreover, you should keep in mind that marketing automation is more than just automating email marketing and scheduling social media posts, it is providing steps like customized landing pages and easy-to-access shopping carts. You can take advantage of varied eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop development to build robust eCommerce websites and combine it with the trend of marketing automation to ensure convenient marketing and better customer satisfaction.  

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

One of the revolutionary technologies that have emerged during the past few years is artificial intelligence or AI. Artificial Intelligence has become a popular technology for eCommerce websites and a top trend in custom web development. AI helps businesses in multiple ways like product recommendations and predictive analysis. AI along with machine learning is being widely used to improve customer service and personalization. Here are some applications of AI for eCommerce businesses:

  • It helps businesses to learn about their customers.
  • Businesses can AI to deliver personalized user experience as per their demands. 
  • Enhance the shopping experience by connecting customer data with real-time insights. 
  • Automation of tasks like customer service with the help of AI-based chatbots.
  • Optimizing pricing and discounting policies.

If you are keen to use these technologies in your eCommerce website, you have to ensure that you choose the right eCommerce platform. Finding a suitable platform can be challenging. You can get some help to make the right choice by going through our blog “How to choose the right eCommerce platform?” regarding this. 

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the greatest trends in eCommerce development. Chatbots are quite helpful for eCommerce businesses as they automate human to human interactions. It means customers can interact with chatbots on an eCommerce website to get numerous services quickly and conveniently. Often custom support has been an Achilles’ heel for many online businesses. But with the help of artificial intelligence-based chatbots, businesses can provide efficient and convenient customer support. 

Chatbots can provide answers to customers’ queries and interact with them to resolve any possible issues and customers don’t need to wait a very long time to find solutions. You can hire web developer to build a feature-rich website that has a smart chatbot.    

  1. On-site Personalization

Personalization has become a popular eCommerce trend as more and more online businesses are personalizing their sites to meet their customers’ needs and wants. Businesses can gather data about their customers and then offer a tailored experience to different users accordingly. Personalization is quite useful for businesses to render unique user experience based on their interests and preferences. 

Most of the eCommerce platforms are emphasizing personalization these days and provide varied functionalities to make a unique and appealing user experience. So whether you choose Magento development, WordPress development, or any other platform, you can take advantage of personalization to provide a better customer experience and increase your sales.     

  1. More Ways of Payments

The number of mobile users has increased at rocket speed and surpassed the desktop users that means a large proportion of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Consequently, online businesses are opting for mobile-friendly websites. With the adoption of mobile-friendly websites comes to the need for different payment options especially that can be done from mobile devices. In this regard, payment through digital wallets and many other payment apps have become very popular besides credit/debit card payments and online banking. Online payments are possible due to payment gateways. 

These payment gateways are often provided by many eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, etc by the use of plugins or extensions or third-party apps. You can choose Joomla development or hire Shopify developer or choose other platforms to create an eCommerce website with a secure and efficient payment gateway. Nowadays social payments have also become trending like WhatsApp payments, Facebook payments, etc in online shopping. They are providing new ways of making payments for online purchases.  

  1. Headless and API-driven eCommerce Websites

So far the elements that we have discussed here are those that customers interact with directly. However, users are not aware of the back-end tech structure of an eCommerce website despite it having a huge impact on the overall user experience. Headless eCommerce is a solution that enables online stores to decouple the eCommerce platform from the front-end presentation layer. Consequently, online businesses can utilize DXP, CMS, PWA, or other existing or customized front-ends in their tech stack. 2021 could see a jump in the use of headless eCommerce websites. In fact, it will see an increase in the adoption of new headless front-end solutions like PWA (Progress Web Apps). 

Let’s Sum Up!

Online shopping has become very popular globally that makes shopping easy and convenient. Nowadays, there are plenty of eCommerce platforms that businesses can choose to create the best websites. You can hire WordPress developer or choose a Magento developer, or select professional developers for any other CMS technology to create outstanding eCommerce websites. However, to create a modern and feature-rich eCommerce website you must follow the latest trends to build your site. Now when we are on the threshold of the year 2021, it would be interesting to see new trends and implement them on your website to stay updated with the latest technologies.  


07 December 2020
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