Today, billions of websites are available on the web, of which 43% are built on WordPress. Indeed, more small businesses, bloggers, and big enterprises use WordPress than all other combined options.

Despite more advanced and user-friendly web development platforms available now, WordPress remains a top choice for most business websites. The ease of managing and creating websites is the primary reason it is a preferred CMS. All you need is a WordPress theme, a few plugins, reliable web hosting, and your content to set up your website.

But in most cases, businesses hire professional WordPress developers to create their websites. Now you may ask, should I hire a WordPress developer to build my website? Undoubtedly, deploying a professional can provide numerous advantages over a DIY method.

However, hiring a WP developer can be challenging because so many of them are out there. Here we will discuss in detail about WP developers and how you can hire the best WordPress developer depending on your needs and budget.

Let’s begin by understanding a little about WordPress developers.

What is a WordPress Developer?

There are dozens of reasons why you should choose WordPress for website development. And, that’s why companies look for developers to build their websites on this platform.

A WordPress developer is an expert who can conceptualize and create a custom website based on your business goals and needs. S/he can make custom themes, plugins, and modules to fulfill your requirements. Having specialized skills in the CMS, the developer can help to create a perfect solution.

The answer to what a WP developer is might seem straightforward. But there are so many interpretations out there for what this professional does. However, there are commonalities among these definitions. Hence, a WP developer is essentially a web developer who possesses WordPress knowledge. And who can help businesses turn their ideas into a top-notch creation by developing a custom WordPress website.

If you want to hire the right WP developer, you can also rely on a WordPress development company. Today, so many companies have experienced and skilled WP developers who can accomplish any project irrespective of the challenges therein.

Why should you hire a WordPress developer?

Every business wants to create a unique website that can stand out from anyone else in the domain. If you opt for a templated website that serves as a one-size-fits-all solution, you lack the charm to attract users. Also, your website is one of the many websites floating on the web.

While you can set up a website with a DIY method, it may not work for you. If you go for a service provider, one question might arise in your mind: is it worth hiring a WordPress developer? The following are some reasons why you should consider hiring WP developers.

Tailor-made website to fit your needs

There are lots of WP themes that you can tweak to adjust its design according to your needs. But there is a risk of spoiling everything if you lack such experience.

An experienced WP developer is well-versed in basic web technologies. He or she can further tweak the website theme you purchased to fit your needs.

But the customization is limited to what it offers to you. So, you cannot build a website having all the features and functionalities you need for your business. If you want to develop a tailor-made website theme that would fit your needs, you can rely on a developer.

So, if you haven’t already purchased a theme, it’s also good. Why?

The developer can create a theme from scratch for you and integrate all the functionalities you need for your business. He/she can help create a theme based on your ideas of how it should look and function. The same goes with plugins also as the developer can make a plugin.

Improved User Experience

Since a developer can help you develop a website from scratch, you’ve a chance to build something that every user will like. Further, the website can offer a pleasant user experience. Also, the developer can fix bottlenecks that may create friction in the marketing funnel.

User experience is crucial for attracting more traffic. More visitors will land on your site if they like the interface, navigation, and overall user experience on your site. Hiring a WP developer can help to build a perfect website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the reasons why everyone is going behind WordPress. Indeed, it is an SEO-friendly platform with SEO-friendly structure and features.

Search engine optimization is essential to ensure a higher ranking of your website on the SERPs. Every business aspires to get on the first position on the search engine results pages. However, reaching that position is quite difficult.

By deploying a WordPress developer on your website project, you can ensure that your website’s front-end and backend are optimized. The developer can create quality and optimized code. Resultantly, your website will be optimized for SEO.

Safe and Secure Website

Another crucial reason why you should consider hiring a WP expert is that he or she can keep your data private and secure. Indeed, the developer knows the best website security practices and can integrate top-notch security features. The developer can help you create a secure and safe website for your business.

Key challenges in hiring a WordPress developer

While there are so many benefits, you may think, why not every company hire WordPress developers for website development?

There are primarily two reasons why this happens. Firstly, they don’t come cheap, especially if you are looking for the best one. Hence, you can hire a WordPress when you have enough budget. Mostly, starter companies or bloggers who don’t have much investment go without hiring an expert.

Secondly, hiring a WP expert can be challenging because many of them claim to be the best. Hence, finding the best one can be tricky.

How to Hire a WordPress Developer for Your Website Development Project

How to hire the best WordPress developer?

The following are some points that you should consider to hire the right WordPress experts for your project:

1. Consider your requirements

Before starting your search for a WordPress developer to hire, list down all your needs and requirements. Consider all the things that you want on your site. There are lots of WordPress development companies with professional developers to hire. You need to find out your needs to choose the right tech partner.

If your website’s purpose is to brand promotion or provide useful resources, then a pre-built theme would suffice. However, if your need is more, you can build a customized website with the help of a professional developer. For instance, hiring a WordPress developer is the best option if you want to sell products and services online.

2. Check reviews

Before finalizing a website development company or a developer, you must check the reviews for them. Since reviews are provided by their past clients, you can know whether they can fulfill their commitments. Further, reviews can provide details on the level of satisfaction of their clients.

You can check the testimonials on a company’s website to see what their previous customers think about them. The reviews and testimonials can tell a lot about the company and customers’ experiences. Further, you can check reviews on websites like Clutch, TrustPilot, GoodFirms, etc.

3. Examine the portfolio

Another important point when looking to hire the top WordPress developers is to examine the portfolio. Experienced WordPress developers have a portfolio showcasing their work. It provides a good insight into the quality of work, their approach, and their relevance with your web development project. You can check if the developer has the knowledge that matches your needs.

The portfolio contains different types of projects that a WP developer or company has accomplished. You can find out what solutions were provided and how they fixed challenges. Also, case studies can give you insight into how they developed various solutions for clients, the tech stacks they used, and the challenges they faced.

4. Have a project brief

The professional WordPress developers would expect a project brief from you in the initial meeting. It contains all the details about what you want from the developer. Essentially it’s a document briefing about the scope of the project, buyer’s journey, brand messaging, payment gateways, and more.

Given all this information, the desired WordPress developer would help you take the project in the direction. The developer needs to know all this information to get a starting point and to plan your project.

5. Choose a flat rate

If you are an SME or a startup, chances are high, you will have a tight budget. If you choose to hire WordPress developers at a flat rate instead of hiring on an hourly basis, it prevents what you cannot afford. CSSChopper provides different hiring options. You can hire a skilled WordPress developer on a monthly basis.

6. Schedule for interview

Once you have made a shortlist of potential WordPress developers for your project. The next step is scheduling an interview. It is good if you choose for a view interview. An interview allows you to assess the developer before hiring for your project. With an interview, you determine what a developer says and check facial expression, voice tone, and eye contact.

The interview helps you check the relevant knowledge and communication skills. You can utilize platforms like Zoom and Skype for the interview. You must ask relevant questions from the developer. For instance, you should focus on his knowledge and experience in WordPress instead of asking cliche questions like who made the platform.

7. Start with a test project

Hiring professional WordPress developers is like buying a car. You take a test drive before purchasing it. Similarly, you should start with a quick task before handing over the complete project. Test them by giving a relevant task and assign the whole project when satisfied.

Giving them a small task regarding your project would help you assess their work quality and understanding of your requirements. It enables you to evaluate the relationship. Since they will charge a little for the project when you hire WordPress developers, you will lose almost nothing in case of any problem.

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Where can you find the best WordPress developers to hire?

Now you know how to hire a talented and top WordPress developer, the next question arises where to find them. Indeed, looking for a developer in the right place is also crucial to choosing the best one. When you look for them in the right place, chances are higher you will get the top of them.

Thus if you ask where and how can I hire WordPress developers? The following options are the answer to your question:

Obviously, a simple Google search is the solution for most of our problems and needs. Similarly, Google search is the first stop for most companies to search for WP developers for hire. You can find many service providers and choose one that fits your needs. You can even find developers in your location. You can add niche or industry keywords to see the closest results.


It is a good place to search for quality WordPress developers. Searching on LinkedIn is easy; you can simply put in the search bar what you need. Here you can find various professional developers. You can read reviews and assess the developer to make an informed decision.

Freelance platforms

Often many businesses ask, “Where can I go to find a cheap WordPress developer?” to search for a budget-friendly tech partner. Probably, freelance websites are a suitable source to find cheap developers. These websites like, Toptal, Fiverr, SimplyHired, etc, have many good developers. But cost-friendly developers may not be as good as you expect them to be. It could be risky to give a project to a freelancer with less experience.

Final Thought

WordPress is still a top web development platform despite the arrival of many new ones. Indeed, there are lots of businesses that use this platform to create websites today. Though it’s easy to find WordPress developers, choosing the best one is challenging. CSSChopper is a decade-old website development company, and we have talented and experienced WordPress developers. You can hire the best developers from us to work on your project.

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