For any modern business, it is imperative to have a website to ensure the so-called online presence. Further, a website helps businesses to compete and grow in all dimensions. So, lots of companies ponder upon creating sites.

If you also want to follow the lead and create a website, WordPress is inevitably a choice you must have come across. Indeed, WordPress is a top CMS for creating a wide array of websites. So, you can rely on WordPress website development services to build a perfect website.

But before we jump to the conclusion, let’s take more insights into it.

What Exactly is WordPress?

One obvious question that can arise in your mind is – what is WordPress development? As an open-source CMS, WordPress is a leading platform for website development. A CMS (Content Management System) is software to create, manage, and modify website content without special technical knowledge.

Simply put, it is a platform that allows creating and managing websites without making anything from scratch.

Hence, WordPress offers a ready-to-use structure for building and managing websites and publishing content. Moreover, this isn’t all about WordPress, though. In addition, it is an open-source CMS which means its source code is available publicly.

As a result, anyone can utilize it to modify and develop unique solutions as per their requirements.

There is a misbelief that WordPress is only a blogging platform. But it has continuously evolved into a full-fledged CMS from a mere blogging platform. Hence, it is used for creating various websites – blogs, business portals, personal sites, and eCommerce websites.

A few stats about WordPress web development

It is the most sought-after content management system today. How? WordPress powers 43% of websites on the web – a testimony to its popularity. Indeed, there are many CMS out there, but WP has a far more user base than these CMSs.

The following graph shows the comparison of different CMSs:



Top companies opted for WordPress website development

Undoubtedly, WordPress is a robust solution for developing websites, and it offers excellent features. Hence, many businesses are using this CMS. Besides many mediocre companies, some top brands are also using this platform. The following is a list of globally reputed companies that opted for WordPress website development services:

  • The New Yorker
  • Disney
  • Sony Music
  • The New York Times
  • TechCrunch
  • Time Magazine
  • The White House vs Let’s clear your doubts!

One thing you need to note about WordPress is that there is a difference between and Indeed, there is a significant difference between them. Moreover, when we talk about open-source WordPress, it is referred to It is a self-hosted website platform which means you have to choose hosting and domain. A website has a front-end and a back-end side.

The back-end is where the server comes into the picture. A website resides on a server or web host that makes it available to everyone on the internet. Further, the CMS offers many back-end functionalities like website updates, customization, page creation, and more. provides you with the open-source edition of the platform and is available for free. And, it is among the many reasons why everyone is going behind WordPress. is a hosted platform that comes with hosting and domain besides website development capabilities. However, it has some limitations, like you cannot add plugins or themes with the free edition. However, the paid version does offer some flexibility but not as much as you get with the open-source edition.

7 Reasons Why Should You Consider WordPress For Your Website Development Needs

Reasons why you should consider WordPress development services

1. Flexibility

WordPress is a highly flexible web development platform with excellent customization features. As an open-source platform, it provides end-to-end customization. Developers can use the platform to develop custom solutions as per clients’ specifications. Further, you can use it to create simple or complex solutions as per your need.

There is a wide range of WordPress themes that you can use to get a custom appearance of your website. Similarly, there are many plugins that you can integrate into your site for additional functionalities. Indeed, plugins help integrate more features that are not available with an existing website.

The best part is you can hire a WordPress developer to create a custom website as per your aspirations. The platform offers complete flexibility to develop what you want. You can convey your needs to the developer to build a unique solution.

2. SEO-friendly CMS

SEO plays a crucial role in driving web traffic to your website. Needless to say, a website is built for a purpose, whether to purchase goods, sign up, read news, subscriptions, or anything else. Hence, every website strives to get more web traffic to meet the end goal.

You have to optimize your site for search engines to get more traffic. Therefore, you have to develop an SEO-friendly website to achieve your goals.

Luckily, WordPress is a very reliable platform from an SEO point of view. Indeed, the platform is loved by Google. Moreover, you can also choose the right technology partner to develop an SEO-friendly website. There are many WordPress development companies to choose from that can create search engine optimized websites.

3. Security

Obviously, WordPress is a safe and secure platform in general. But vulnerabilities might arise mostly due to inappropriate practices. Moreover, WordPress offers an easy way to enhance website security with features like password protection for folders. Further, updating your CMS regularly will also help fight off potential threats and bugs. Also, it makes it easy to enable SSL certificates.

Enhancing website security is easy with the integration of WordPress security plugins. Besides this, it offers two-factor authentication with an added layer of protection, making it harder for intruders to penetrate the site.


Most of the things we have discussed above are for beginners. But it has many advanced functionalities too. WordPress has a REST API that enables developers to build apps using this platform. Interestingly, the REST API with WordPress doesn’t force you to use PHP, but it lets you use any coding language that makes HTTP requests.

With this API, you can create an app that fulfills your objectives. For example, you can create a custom plugin for a different admin experience. Or you can build something for changes in the front-end. You can also choose a WordPress website development company of your choice to make this happen.

5. Optimize speed

Slow websites are good for nothing. Luckily, WordPress offers specific elements and features that you can utilize to speed up your website. It provides robust website optimization features to boost the performance and functionality of your site.

You can use a lightweight website theme, for example, to reduce the loading burden. Besides this, you can utilize Gzip compression, minify JS and CSS, advanced caching, etc, to boost website speed.

Follow the right approach for website development. You can check out the comprehensive WordPress development guide for valuable tips. Moreover, you can take the help of a WordPress development expert to create optimized code for faster website performance.

6. In-built blogging & multilingual

One big advantage of WordPress CMS is that it comes with built-in blogging features out of the box. Indeed, it was the pioneer in blogging service. So, you can take advantage of the blogging features to publish content on the web. This will help you in marketing and driving traffic to your site.

The platform allows you to create media-rich content because it offers a simple way to add media files to your content. It lets you add images, videos, infographics, and other elements to your content.

WordPress supports 160+ languages worldwide, which makes it a multilingual platform. So, you can create a website to reach a global audience. Further, you can create content that will interest the audiences worldwide.

7. Simple integrations

Luckily, WordPress is compatible with lots of third-party tools and services. Hence third-party integration is a breeze with this platform. It makes it simple to integrate third-party tools, just like the plug-and-play method.

There are plenty of plugins that you can add to your site to get the desired functionalities. Thus you can integrate services like payment gateways, Google Analytics, marketing tools, and countless other tools without any hassle.

Due to the popularity of this CMS, most third-party tools are built with WordPress in mind. Hence, you have the upper hand when using this CMS for your website. Anyways you have the option to hire a WordPress development agency for a custom solution.

Note: If you want to use this CMS to create your site, you shouldn’t miss out on the things to consider for developing a successful WordPress website.

Tips for Choosing the Best WordPress Development Company

If you want to develop an exceptional website, you need to choose the right tech partner. But the countless number of WordPress development companies make it a hassle to pick the best one.

But don’t you worry!

We are here with a few useful tips to help you select the right tech partner for you. Check out these tips below:

I. Check relevant expertise

Based on your project requirements, you may need different levels of expertise. Look for the developer’s expertise to check if it meets your requirements.

II. Check portfolio

The portfolio provides an insight into what kind of projects a developer has handled. Check the portfolio to know about their skills and check if they can meet your needs.

III. Go through reviews

You should check reviews and ratings of the company to find out their past customers’ experience. It helps you find out if they meet their quality and delivery commitments.

IV. Consider team size

Team size seems a trivial factor, but it is crucial when your project is more complex and large. Thus you should check they have enough team members for turnaround.

V. Communication and Collaboration

Check the communication and collaboration skills of the company to ensure they can fulfill your requirements efficiently and on time.

How CSSChopper Fits Your Requirements?

As a leading WordPress web development company, CSSChopper has the expertise in delivering top-notch solutions. Our developers can accomplish projects with utmost proficiency as per clients’ needs. We have experience of more than a decade and can provide peerless service. We can build cutting-edge solutions for clients, giving them an edge over competitors.

Final thought

WordPress is a top choice for many when it comes to developing websites. In fact, this CMS has a huge user base because of ease of use and excellent features. You can consider hiring a WordPress web development company to create your website. Using this CMS, you can build a secure, high-performance, feature-rich, and user-friendly website. Further, managing and customizing your site is also convenient.

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