Nowadays, everyone wants to get a quick and budgetary solution for their PSD to HTML/XHTML conversion or HTML page design requirement. So, they end up in choosing an automated tool rather than manual coding and in turn they are enforced to start it all over again.

PSD to html page design

These automated tools assure to generate the same HTML file as the corresponding PSD, but does not succeed in producing it practically as well as making the code error-free. Anyone can use these softwares, who promises to provide you the project faster than the normal. But, mostly we have seen that the service providers hook customers who want the services with quick turnaround time. Due to this reason only the customers should check and ask each and every question right from the manual coding to the actual process and also at the time of project delivery.

Manual coding is more successful than automated coding!

This is not just a phrase, it is true and the disadvantages of using the automated tools or plug-ins which, are listed below will provide you a clear picture.

  • Bugs: The codes which are generated from some tool or software does not promise to be error-free. Some bugs will definitely be there which results in either changing the design from the real PSD or will affect the functionality of the website.
  • Codes: In manual coding there is a guarantee of producing clean code structure whereas in automated coding it is not. In automated coding you’ll get sloppy codes in a very unprincipled manner.
  • W3C confirmation: The probability of failing the W3C validation is high in case of automated coding whereas the service providers producing the manual coding promise to generate W3C validated code.
  • Quality: Everyone expects a quick turnaround time and gets from these tools, but at the cost of quality. The codes produced by these tools rarely have good quality and the client has to get its design recorded. The people who are just looking for quick turn around time and can avoid the constraint of quality can surely use these tools.
  • Customer dissatisfaction: these types of tools will surely satisfy the customers with meeting the deadline, but will ultimately dissatisfy them when the customer will look at the quality.
  • Fail online presence: if you are using an automated tool for converting your website design into HTML/XHTML, then you must be attentive about the nature of the codes. The codes which are produced by any software are not SEO-friendly and hence, all your SEO efforts will be damaged.

One should avoid using the automated tools and go for manual coding because of the disadvantages which are stated above. So, next time if someone advises you to use an automated tool for HTML page design or converting your PSD to HTML/XHTML or any other format, then refer to this blog.

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