HTML5 is appropriate to be called as the next evolutionary step in the competitive web world. In web usage, it poses the infinite possibilities and usages. Surpassing all the obstacles of its predecessors, it comes with improvised language and support. It is comprehensive to most of the present media devices and compatible with recent browsers.

The infographic elucidates the evolution of HTML5 through its Past, Present and Future:

Infographic Evolution of HTML5 - Past, Present and Future

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Whenever a story is recited, it is explained right from the beginning to hold the interest of the listener. In the same manner, the infographic has been sketched straight from the introductory year (past), coming towards it present stature and ending with the future prospect.

Some Knocking Points:

=>2004: Origin of “What Working Group” to nurture HTML5

=>2008: HTML5 first move to browser compatibility

=>Present: Mobile browsing and browser based gaming

=>Future: Enlarging to developers pool

=>And, moving towards the next level browsing

It was our small endeavor to enable you to gain knowledge about HTML5. We will be back with more useful inforgraphics in future as well.

Posted By: CSSChopper Team

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