PHP VS JAVA: Which One is a Better Choice?

While having the awareness of various programming languages might bring you a lot of benefits. But, to secure your career, you must choose one language. If you think about PHP vs Java then you might be confused which language is the best.

In this website blog, we will describe some features of PHP and JAVA. Before selecting any language, you can read the points described in this blog carefully. Once you go through each of it, you would be able to know about the importance of PHP vs Java.

Which is the Most Favorable Language PHP vs JAVA!

PHP-vs-Java Developer

For enterprise application development, there is a need for programming language so developers can use any language such as PHP vs Java. PHP is a server-side scripting language whereas Java is client side language. Java provides flexibility to use for desktop application as well as a server-side language but PHP allows the user only for server-side scripting.

Both languages have a ton of features, you need to explore all the features before using any language in your project.

PHP vs Java Salary

When it comes to comparing the average salary between PHP vs Java, then the Java web programmers have advantage as they get higher salaries than PHP programmers. Hence, Java programmers are paid better than PHP programmers.

Salary PHP Vs JAVA

Let’s Have a Look at These Points:

1. Code Execution:

PHP code can be executed by a number of ways as they can embed PHP code in HTML code by using the script tag or they can execute the PHP code by using through the content management system.

On the other hand, Java source code is compiled into bytecode which is executed on Java virtual machine. JVM is executed by CPU on which Java bytecode runs smoothly.

2. Programming Support:

PHP is a server-side scripting language which is used in web development. Initially, it does not support the object-oriented features but now it supports OOP features as well. Due to this reason, many websites are using PHP as an object-oriented programming language.

On the other hand, Java is the fully object-oriented oriented language which also supports some functional paradigm such as lambda expression and anonymous functions. These paradigms are important to write some modular applications for software. Because of this reason, many programmers prefer Java to build enterprise applications as it provides the advantages of modern programming.

3. Language Tool:

–> Editing Tool:

Java has stupendous editors such as Netbeans, IntelliJ and Eclipse which enlarge the productivity of the management of large products. On the other hand, PHP has a plug-in for Eclipse and Netbeans.

–> Debugging Tool:

Java can be debugged by using all the editors but PHP only debug by using only Print statement.

–> Packaging Tool:

In PHP , it uses only files there is no packaging concept here. On the other hand, Java uses packaging tool such as ANT, Maven, Editors, Web start and so on.

4. Secure:

Although both languages provide so much security to its user PHP lacks some of the integrated security features as compared to another programming language. Hence, programmers have to employ the security features provided by the various framework of PHP to protect their enterprise application.

Whereas, Java comes with the advanced security features, it provides full security to its user. It allows developers to make the client and server exchange data over the secure transfer protocols. For developing website application or enterprise application, many developers prefer Java over PHP.

5. Cost for Developing a Software:

PHP is an open source programming language which allows the user to develop any code without paying any fee. Programmers can use PHP framework to develop enterprise application and they can also customize the server-side scripting language according to the need of your enterprise development.

On the other hand, Java is not an open source programming language. It uses open JDK which is used as for the implementation of Java programming language. So that, it costs more than PHP project.

6. Performance:

PHP parses the file and outputs the stream for each call. There is no compilation process in PHP. However, in CGI model, the compilation does not make any sense.

Although Java was formerly described as slow JVM is highly optimized with speed: just in time-compilation. Java compiles JSP files and JITs hotspots axiomatically.

In Java, the session is maintained on the server for the client wherein PHP session is destroyed each time.

7. Choice:

PHP and Java both are very similar but PHP is a server-side scripting language and Java is a client choice. When you use PHP code then you will execute in the actual server while Java can run the client computer. But, if the client does not have Java runtime environment then web page would not show up.


Saying that one language is better than other is not a good idea, it all depends on your problem and how they solve it. Both Java and PHP have their own places in IT industry.

Java is generally known as industry standard while PHP is free and has a large set of resources. After reading all the above points, you would be to know which programming language you can use.

Although PHP is good for web earning but for career growth Java is better. Both languages are better and have their own prospects. Some developers use Java for making large application and some use PHP, as well as both, have the same functionalities.

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