In the present era, pixel perfect is undoubtedly a prevailing concept in the web design community. To obtain it, we offer sharp, clean and full look to a design and maintain precise dimension ratios in all aspects. But, in the past few years, people have started getting mad after it. Through this post, we would describe that is it really a necessary approach!

What is Pixel Perfect? What customers really think about it?

To get pixel perfect design, every pixel is used completely in order to offer the cleanest & sharpest look. But, we are living in a world, where more than one browsers or OS exist. Keeping all these different platforms in mind, the customers think that pixel perfect is a way to offer similar appearance in each browser or OS. People have this perception in their mind that code can make it look exactly like an image in all the browsers.

How customers’ understanding is beyond the truth and what is correct method to do pixel perfect?

Customers’ outlook is nothing more than utopia. Though it is not impossible to attain this perfection in each browser, but it demands the hardest efforts and prolonged time. To save money, efforts and time, we offer:

We do pixel perfection for one browser and for the rest of the browsers we ensure compatibility. That browser is selected by respective customer because each browser on the basis of OS has its own redressing engines and acts differently in spacing, forms, fonts, etc.

Take an example of Major League Baseball, it has certain rules that ensure the way in which game is played. To play this sport, one has to know at least basics that it includes three bases, nine innings and a home plate. But, we cannot expect this sport to appear similarly in all stadiums as there is difference of radius, width, etc. In the same way, the website remains the same, but it is not possible to remove the browser’s difference.

How our definition of pixel perfect is different from its prevailing meaning?

The prevailing meaning, which persists in the mind of customers that pixel perfect is method to make the website appear similar on each platform. But, we do not find it worth to focus merely on pixel perfect rather our aim is to provide the best UX and Usability. We try to keep improving other aspects of the website including ROI.

What actually should be expected from the term pixel perfect?

PSD is a type of image which merely opens up in a single format, but there are multiple devices & browsers that cannot show it exactly the same. Therefore, customers must know that a site, which is pixel perfect on one browser might look different on another browser. So, they should not see this concept in a restricted manner and accept it in the way it is.

Thus, it is expected that after reading these points, you must have understood the real meaning of pixel perfect. Now, give your design and we will make it pixel perfect for your chosen browser and compatible for the rest.

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