A PWA offers the best of both web and mobile with cross-platform support and a native app-like interface. It comes with both mobile and web capabilities because a PWA is installable on desktop/mobile and loads a website or web application content. So, PWA development has become an instant hit among businesses.

The mushrooming demand for progressive web app development services necessitates a better approach to building PWAs to meet the requirements. So, PWA frameworks have become a priority for businesses to develop progressive web apps with requisite features.

Indeed, a PWA framework is an excellent tool for developing a progressive web app more quickly and conveniently. These frameworks save time and money as they offer ready-to-use components and features to develop PWAs.

Choosing the best PWA framework is crucial if you have decided to create your own progressive web app. However, there are dozens of frameworks used to develop PWAs in 2023, making it difficult to choose one for your projects.

Keep reading for the top frameworks for PWA development. You can choose any of these frameworks to build PWA because all of them are prevalent in development today.

What Is a PWA Framework?

A framework provides the right tools and components that you can use to develop robust web solutions. The frameworks for progressive web apps provide a similar advantage and can be used to build PWAs quickly and conveniently.

The framework can expedite your PWA development speed and provide you with a cutting-edge solution. You know enough about the frameworks; now the question arises which is the progressive web app framework that you should choose for your project?

Benefits of Using the Frameworks for Progressive Web Apps

There are a plethora of benefits that you get with PWA frameworks to create your progressive web app. Whether it’s about creating the PWA in the least time possible or simplifying the development process, frameworks are very useful.

The following are some key advantages of PWA frameworks:

Quick Development

One major advantage of using a framework to build PWA is the faster development process. Indeed, when you use any progressive web application framework, the development process is quick due to prebuilt components and tools. The frameworks come loaded with various prebuilt components and tools that allow you to develop your web app quickly.

You can use the already available features of a framework to build your PWA as per your requirements instead of starting everything from scratch. As a result, you can save time in the development process.

Quality Development

Another important benefit of using PWA development frameworks is quality. A framework offers the best development approach because it aligns with standards and offers flexibility. With a PWA framework, you can create the best quality solution.

Frameworks offer a standard way of organizing and creating progressive web apps. It makes the code more consistent and maintainable.


Security is one of the vital benefits of using a framework for PWA development. There are different features and components that allow you to enhance your website security. Also, you can create the PWA with enhanced security by customizing its functionality as per your requirement.

Here are the top PWA frameworks that you can use to create progressive web apps in 2023:

Top PWA Frameworks in 2023


AngularJS is a top JavaScript framework that is widely used in front-end development. It is a good tool for creating progressive web apps according to your needs. Angular 5 edition started its support for progressive web apps, and today AngularJS is an excellent framework for creating top-notch PWAs.

It allows you to create PWAs with JSON configuration, eliminating the need to develop a PWA from scratch. Look for a reliable PWA web development company to create a progressive web app using the AngularJS framework.

Pros of AngularJS framework

  • PWA implementation is easy with AngularJS because of a clearly defined methodology.
    Since Google maintains the framework, you can always expect reliable support and smooth operations.
  • There is a vast community of AngularJS supporters.
  • With the inclusion of the CLI (Command Line Interface) feature, the learning curve has reduced a lot.


ReactJS was introduced by Facebook in 2013 and has become a prevalent framework for front-end development because of its JavaScript library. ReactJS is another great framework for creating best-in-class progressive web apps with excellent features.

It is an excellent PWA development framework that allows developers to develop single-page and multi-page web applications. ReactJS use JSX to connect to HTML structures, and it is helpful in creating a React-powered PWA solution.

You can create a feature-rich PWA for your business using React.js by taking the help of a qualified PWA web developer. You can hire PWA developer to meet your needs. There are many good reasons why you should choose ReactJS development for PWA.

Pros of ReactJS framework

  • ReactJS helps to create highly flexible and scalable PWAs having extra packages.
    The code of PWAs can be used for native apps as well.
  • ReactJS comes with Virtual DOM that updates elements before the actual DOM speeding up the rendering process.
  • This PWA framework comes with many features like generating API integrations, routing, and static and server-side web pages using various JavaScript libraries.


It is an open-source PWA framework founded by Microsoft. It offers a quick and convenient way for developers to create web applications compatible across multiple platforms. This framework is a popular tool for creating a wide range of web solutions, including progressive web apps with solid community support.

You can choose the right PWA development services to develop an excellent progressive web app for your business.

Pros of PWABuilder framework

  • You can convert any website into a full-fledged progressive web app without any development or only with minor development work.
  • PWABuilder offers an easy and simple way for the development process. You simply need to enter the website URL in the input field, and the PWABuilder will analyze the components that are important to create your PWA.
  • The PWA generated with this builder can be either downloaded or improved with extra functionalities.


It is one more top-notch PWA development framework which is an open-source tool created by Google. It offers PWA tools, components, and templates. Polymer takes advantage of the standard web technologies – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, JSX, that make it a distinct web development framework.

You can choose any PWA development company that is using Polymer to create out-of-the-box PWA solutions.

Pros of Polymer framework

  • Polymer has a comparatively easy-to-understand API.
  • Due to the comprehensive documentation it offers, the implementation process becomes easy and hassle-free.
  • It provides web app stack support along with routing, responsive layouts, data tier, and more.

You can get multiple benefits for your business by having a PWA. Focus on creating the right progressive web app for your business according to your needs. If you want, then you can check out the benefits of having a progressive web app for your business to get in-depth information.

Benefits of Progressive Web App Development

  • It is compatible with different devices (mobiles, tablets, desktops), web browsers, and operating systems because it runs on the web.
  • It can be installed on a desktop or mobile, and it will be available in apps sections from where it can be launched anytime easily.
  • A PWA is just a website underneath, so businesses can take advantage of SEO to boost ranking.
  • PWAs ensure user engagement through push notifications.
  • It offers a native app-like UI/UX.
  • The app can work offline because of its caching capability.
  • Updates happen automatically, so users need not update it regularly like they need to do with native apps.

If you are curious to know more about progressive web apps, then our comprehensive guide on PWA is a must to go through for you. You can learn everything about PWA. The immense popularity of PWAs that increased in the last few years has also paved the way for new technologies to develop robust progressive web apps.

PWA frameworks and tools have emerged as a sought-after method for creating PWAs. The following are the top PWA frameworks and tools that help to develop great progressive web apps.

How to Choose the Best PWA Framework to Create Your Progressive Web App?

In order to pick the right PWA framework, you need to consider your requirements and specifications. With dozens of frameworks for progressive web app development, choosing the best one can be overwhelming.

The following are some considerations you can keep in mind when choosing a framework for PWA development.


Find out which framework is more suitable for your PWA development needs based on your requirements and prerequisites. For instance, some frameworks like Angular and ReactJS are suitable for a wide range of web development solutions because they are component-based frameworks.


Consider the performance aspect of a framework to build a high-performance progressive web app. Your PWA will be fast and support offline functionality to make it work as per users’ expectations. A framework that helps you build fast PWAs can work for you the best.


Another important consideration is the features that are provided by a Progressive Web App framework. Compare different frameworks based on the features they provide, and choose the one that meets your expectations the most.

Final note

Progressive Web Apps have emerged as a great alternative for native desktop and mobile applications in the past few years because of their excellence over those apps. Compared to native apps, PWAs take less space, encouraging users to install them on their devices. While a typical native app can be above 10 MBs, a PWA is only a few KBs.

Progressive web apps are faster than native apps because they have to load only a small amount of content. PWAs can work offline because some content is cached during the first visit to the app, thanks to caching capabilities.

Creating a perfect progressive web app requires a reliable partnership with a technology partner. You need to find a reliable PWA web development company to create the best solution for your business according to your needs. You can benefit from a PWA by making the app according to your requirements.

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