This is the era of digital transformation and every business is trying to sustain the tough competition around the world. The only way to get an edge over competitors is to build robust and vibrant web solutions that meet your business requirements. We have different types of web technologies to fulfill our needs and to build better web solutions.

AngularJS is an excellent front-end framework that comes with outstanding features and is widely used for developing varied web solutions. You can use AngularJS for creating out-of-the-box web solutions for your business.

There are several other frameworks like ReactJS, Vue.js, Express.js, etc, but AngularJS offers many excellent benefits. You can go through our AngularJS vs ReactJS vs Vue.js full comparison to see how it’s better than the others.

What is the Benefit of Choosing AngularJS for Developing Web Apps?

AngularJS allows you to create scalable and custom web applications as per your needs and requirements. You can quickly develop the desired web solutions using AngularJS and create scalable solutions. Here are the advantages of AngularJS framework development.

Two-way Binding

AngularJS offers instant synchronization between the model and the view. So, when any change is made in the model it is immediately reflected in the view. Similarly, changes made in the view are immediately reflected in the model itself. This is the two-way data binding. This two-way data binding approach simplifies the presentation layer and expedites application development. It offers a less intrusive method for DOM display and simplifies the creation of UIs.

Support SPA Feature

Faster website transition is the main reason behind the development of single-page applications. An SPA is a kind of website that appears to be a native application. While a website keeps loading to fetch new data from the server, a SPA simply replaces the web page with new server data through communication with a web browser.

It means a SPA doesn’t load a page, instead, data is loaded into the page dynamically. Developing robust SPAs is one of the key reasons for choosing AngularJS development services. You can hire dedicated web developer to create a robust SPA using the AngularJS framework.

Declarative Templates

AngularJS uses HTML to create templates. HTML is a declarative language that is used to create interfaces in Angular. Templates include varied attributes and elements specific to AngularJS like filters and ng-app, ng-model, ng-repeat, form controls, etc. With a declarative user interface, you can easily understand things and manipulate them easily. Developers can use the declarative binding syntax to connect to different UI components with data models.

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Supported by Google

Google uses the AngularJS framework for its own applications. The team of developers at Google also comes up with new features and improvements in this framework, so it is fully supported by Google. So this is a reason why developers prefer this front-end framework for developing varied web solutions. With Google’s support of this framework, it has gained credibility. A large network of developers is another key advantage of the AngularJS framework. So, you can rely on this JavaScript-based framework to develop outstanding web applications for your business.

Efficient Development

Web developers often need to split the code into three different components that are model, view, and controller. And, the developers have to combine this code to craft web applications. However, AngularJS is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture that means it offers all three components in a single place that developers can use easily. So, AngularJS saves and enables developers to create dynamic, scalable, and secure web applications using this web framework.

All three components work in conjunction to operationalize a web app. The Model component manages and maintains the data of a web application. View component is responsible for displaying complete or partial data. The Controller component connects View to Model. Hence web application development using AngularJS is efficient and easy.

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Real-Time Testing

You can easily test your web application using the AngularJS framework. With AngularJS, you can perform both unit and end-to-end testing. It offers testing features like dependency injection that takes care of how the web application components are generated. Testing features also showcase the way to resolve their dependencies. Consequently, developers can test their web apps and track errors.

AngularJS framework is a great tool for developing dynamic web applications. There are many reasons like outstanding features and the elimination of dependency on third-party tools to support their web apps.

Improved Server Performance

The burden on server CPUs is reduced with the use of AngularJS because it supports caching and other processes. And, due to this reduced traffic, the server performs very well. The server has to only serve static files and respond to API calls. Thus, AngularJS offers improved server performance that makes your web application high-performance and efficient. You can create efficient web applications with varied features that meet your requirements.

Faster Application Prototyping

Prototypes are useful for developing robust and advanced web applications. Faster prototyping is essential for creating different page layouts. AngularJS offers rapid prototyping and in no time with lesser code, you can create great prototypes with pleasing functionalities. So, it lets you create prototypes with good features that you alter without difficulty.

Why is AngularJS the Best Framework for Developing Web Applications?

AngularJS is a very popular and versatile JavaScript framework that is used for developing out-of-the-box web applications. It is widely used for creating numerous web applications with outstanding features and functionalities. Here are the reasons why it is considered to be the best JavaScript framework for creating varied web solutions.

MVC Architecture

AngularJS is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture that enables to building of web applications easily. MVC architecture is composed of Model, View, and Controller.

  • Model is the first level of this architecture which is like primitive data types such as strings, objects, booleans, etc.
  • The view is the component that handles the presentation layer in the architecture. It displays the data on the screen.
  • The controller is responsible for handling the interaction between the View and the Model. It takes user input then validates it and conducts the operations.

HTML-based UI

User interfaces are built on HTML in AngularJS. Being a declarative language, it is easy to understand and has shorter tags. Even it offers a well-structured, smooth, and organized interface.

POJO Model

AngularJS uses POJO (Plain Old JavaScript) objects which means no extra getter and setter elements are required to bind AngularJS with additional data sources. It makes AngularJS easy to use and self-sufficient.


It is the transition from one view to the other and it’s the aspect of SPAs. In this case, content is loaded on the same page, and only URL changes during the transition from one page to another page.

What are the other frameworks for developing web apps?

AngularJS is one of the best web app frameworks that’s AngularJS web development services are popular among entrepreneurs. However, many other web app frameworks are used for creating web applications. Here are 2 more popular web frameworks.


Both Angular and React have tough competition from each other and most developers use any of them as the foundation of their web applications. Unlike Angular that uses TypeScript, ReactJS mostly uses JavaScript. Read our Angular vs ReactJS comparison to know which one is better.

Pros of ReactJS

  • Virtual DOM
  • Components reusability
  • One-direction data flow
  • Open-source framework
  • Redux
  • React Hooks

Cons of ReactJS

  • Pace of development
  • Poor documentation
  • JSX
  • SEO hassles


It is a lightweight framework with a size of only 20 KB. It is quite similar to Angular and you can easily speed up with the Vue framework. You can create components and templates with this framework just like with ReactJS.

Pros of Vue.js

  • Tiny size
  • Virtual DOM
  • Two-way data binding
  • Component reusability
  • Every page is a component
  • Tooling ecosystem
  • Easy to learn
  • Community support
  • Concise documentation

Cons of Vue.js

  • Language barrier
  • Lack of support for large projects
  • Reactivity complexity
  • Risk of over flexibility
  • Lack of experienced developers
  • Limited resources

AngularJS vs ReactJS vs Vue.js: A brief Comparison


Basis AngularJS ReactJS Vue.js
Official site
Current version 9 16.x 2.6.x
Initial release 2010 2013 2014
Used by Wix, Google Uber, Facebook GitLab, Alibaba
Size (Approx.) 500 KB 100 KB 80 KB

Let’s Wrap Up

The world is going digital and businesses are using digital technologies to flourish their organizations. Websites and web applications are becoming for different organizational operations. So they are investing in web app development services. AngularJS is the most popular and feature-rich web app framework that is used for creating varied web apps. AngularJS allows us to create excellent web apps.

Go through our complete analysis to know why AngularJS should be your first choice for web application development. You need to choose the right AngularJS development company for this. CSSChopper is a prominent front-end and custom website development company. We provide the best AngularJS development services.

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