Email marketing is a cost-effective and environment friendly method in enriching business communications. It is a well-known term, which you must have heard at meetings, on the internet and during marketing strategy conferences. But particularly what is an email marketing? It is the oldest and the most profitable form of marketing. It comprised of sending specialized custom emails to a group of people by using electronic mail, promotion of an offer, or initiation of deals. An Email Template design is an HTML document, which is used in email marketing in order to send daily messages to clients, friends and suppliers. It creates a consistent feel due to which your mailing list get used to receiving email marketing.

Email Template Design

But, a blunderous mistake of not creating an optimized email template, for a typical user’s inbox is committed by most of the marketers on account of which user’s simply don’t consider them. Some tips are jotted down below, which should be kept in mind while creating inbox optimized email templates:

Tips to be Undertaken for Email Template Design

Right Coding Software

Never use Microsoft Word to write the code of your Email Template as it will give an awful presentation of your HTML Email Template instead of using Dreamweaver, HubSpot’s, or Notepad email template creator.

Absolute Image Paths

The images in your Professional Email Templates should be hosted on your websites and the image path direct to the URL of the page on which the image is hosted. The image URL can be found by selecting “view image info” and should end with a file extension.

Write Full CSS

Avoid using shorthand for writing CSS like:
font: italic 12px Arial
rather write:
font-style: italic; font-size: 12px; font-family: Arial


It is vital to use tables during Email Template design to confirm that your email is delivered to every email client in the similar manner.

Right Number of Images

The image files should be smaller to decrease the email load time, which will result in your successful campaigns. There should be an appropriate balance of images and text in order to stay out of spam folders.

5 Tips To Be Avoided

Never Prohibit HTML Web Standards

The HTML code, which is written for the email should be standardized, error-free and multi-browser compatible. Suitable attention should be given to alignment, formatting and the best practices that are supported by every browser.

Nevermore Forbid Alt Attributes

It is essential to provide alt attributes within your Responsive Email Template Design code that presents a clue about the image so that your image is properly understood by the search engines.

Ignore Long URLs

There will be a lot of confusion in the presentation of your email if your email body is long enough and has links in plain text so the hyperlinks should be shorten with a URL shortener like or

Don’t Forget Plain Text Version

Sometimes, HTML crafted email messages are not delivered by few email clients or third party email apps, so an alternative plain text version of your information should always be there.

Not At All Avoid Etiquettes

You should always have a proper awareness of email etiquettes, which consists of proper tone, spellings, salutations, grammar, composition and formatting. If your design is alluring, but your text is not appropriate then your email may go opposite to you.

With the above-mentioned information, you can easily construct inbox optimized Email Templates thereby, enhancing the performance of your email marketing. CSSChopper is the preeminent solution provider of the Best Email Template design having an efficient group of developers, who are well acquainted with it to satisfy customer requirements.

Posted By: CSSChopper Team- Get Professional Email Template Designer from #1 Best PSD to Email Template Conversion Service Provider.

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