Every single day, web world consequently progresses with plethora of innovations.  And, PHP frameworks seem to win the battle with each invention beautifully inserted into the websites of today. The skilled developers first of all make these innovations possible with the aid of the latest technologies and platforms. An added advantage is that PHP frameworks  help create robust web applications in the prettiest manner. In terms of modern technology, we must notice the front-end for basic look and feel. Moreover, we should also keep a sharp eye on several other verticals including-

Database access,



Website security,

Web services, and,


PHP is also known as hypertext preprocessor or personal home page. This platform is a popular scripting language in the web development realm. It uses a strong foundation or platform called as PHP framework. In addition to this, this framework creates various web solutions for any business. These PHP frameworks use the rapid application design called RAD.  In conclusion, it makes PHP web development an easy go.

There are various PHP frameworks in demand that offer wide customization. So, let’s check the below list-


laravel PHP Frameworks

Laravel is a rigid application development environment. This framework makes it easy to connect with database and an easy query running. It gives support to different database systems including-

  • SQL Server,
  • SQLite, and
  • Postgres.

The above systems have grown their popularity to hold about 50% of the PHP users.

  • Laravel allows an easy switch between database connections. It means one can use a single database connection for both-
    1. SELECT and INSERT statement;
    2. DELETE and UPDATE statements.
  • It keeps a memory log of current and past queries to give complete access to it at any point of time.
  • There are 3 basic versions of Laravel that are available in the market, namely-

Horizon- contains a pretty dashboard with code-driven configuration for Redis queues.
Dusk- renders the developers with a testing API and browser automation.
Echo- it gave rise to event broadcasting with Websockets for web applications without complexities.


codeigniter PHP Frameworks

CodeIgniter is a complete web application platform with-

Plentiful libraries,

Small learning curve,

Extensive documentation and

A vast community.

As a result, it gives developers a wide range of flexibility for extravagant designs and minimal footprint. Therefore, it secures its place among the top PHP frameworks.

  • CodeIgniter is a proactive framework for rapid application development with less weight and no hassle.
  • Adding to this, it is easy to upload it directly to the hosting without any special command line or software installation.
  • There are numerous inbuilt libraries that are meant for-
    • unit-testing,
    • email sessions,
    • form validation, and many more.
  • Zero configuration with a complete bunch of packages and libraries.
  • Neat documentation to give code clarity.


cakephp PHP Frameworks

With a strong journey of 10 years, CakePHP gives a wide support to PHP4 and PHP5.  Like, CRUD application allows cross-site scripting, input validation and concise coding to make CakePHP in the list of strong PHP frameworks.

  • CakePHP serves the best for the beginners with code generation and scaffolding functionality.
  • Configuration is a cakewalk with CakePHP as it removes complicated XML or YAML config files.
  • It works fast with immense security features like prevention of-
    • XSS,
    • CSRF,
    • SQL injection and
    • form validation tools.
  • CRUD, called as Create, Read, Update and Delete allows application view with a single line of code.
  • Simple configuration to break down complex bits of applications that will slow down work load.



Phalcon is an MVC based PHP framework. It is majorly built as C-extension. Phalcon is amazingly fast by translating it into fast processing HTTP requests.

  • Phalcon contains necessary features like ORM, MVC, and caching.
  • It has auto-loading components with strong support for PHP 7.
  • It contains amazing components such as-
    • form builders,
    • template engines and
    • easy application development by international language support.
  • Considering all the traits, Phalcon is ideally suitable for performance REST APIs.



FuelPHP is a modern and highly modular HMVC based MVC PHP framework. It is superbly light in weight and gives a strong ORM support. Thus, its sophisticated and extremely extensible behavior add beauty to its performance.

  • Few notable features in the list are-
    • wide security enhancements,
    • neat template parsing, and
    • strong authentication framework.
  • It has plentiful packages for extended capabilities.
  • FuelPHP has an awesome community-driven nature with a complete object-oriented behavior.
  • This framework is installed with the composer by giving a wide support for multiple applications using a single installation.
  • It is PHP 5.3+ framework with high-end PHP 7 compatibility.
  • In conclusion, Version 1.8.0 is a bugfix release.



Symfony acts as a reliable PHP development framework. Also, it works the best for large-scale websites. It has large set of reusable libraries that further lead to better-




Configuration, and

Host of other features.

Here they go-

  • Less repetition of codes gives Symfony a good speed.
  • This is a standard foundation to create high-end PHP applications.
  • This offers above 30 stand-alone components to build unique web applications.
  • It is a complete set of decoupled and reusable components. So, these are applied superbly to make feature-rich PHP applications like Drupal and phpBB.
  • Furthermore, its standard layout makes error catching easy with superb quality code.

Yii 2

Yii 2 PHP Frameworks

Yii 2 is a generic web programming PHP framework. Due to this, it can build any type of the web application. This PHP framework leads wonderfully to a neat and factual code. As a result, it works good for front-end developers.

  • If we use Yii with jQuery accurately by enabling AJAX features, then it surprisingly reduces all the complex steps. Consequently, this makes theming and trimming processes easier.
  • This reliable framework works well on OOP. And, it also utilizes the DRY coding concept which states ‘don’t repeat yourself’.
  • It is a high-performance framework that fits perfectly to create web 2.0 applications.
  • It also gives a strong caching support.
  • This further follows MVC pattern to give a clear segregation of logic and representation.


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We have included a sorted list of reliable PHP frameworks in this post. Undoubtedly, these are in great demand in the market due to having countless features. Almost every framework that we have picked is complete in each manner to contribute to the web development spectrum. The best part is, most of all are future ready. Rather, none of them needs special attention to work for your web application. Hence, opt for the one that best suits you and reap the endless benefits.

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