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The market of web designing is growing with continuous growth of e-business industry. This has substantially made the conversion process of PSD to HTML heavily demanding. The conversion process of transforming Photoshop files into HTML format is basic step for designing the static files in the format of lively web pages. This process is not a simple thing and needed to be done with accurate technological knowledge and perfection in coding skills. A hand coded conversion is always most suited for most of the web solutions as it aims at valid coding for HTML codes according to W3C standards that makes the design easy to operate on various search engines too.

There are lots of benefits that one can have from hand coded conversions. Let’s find out some of the benefits of hand coding:

? With a Hand coded PSD to HTML conversion it is easy to attain the quality of website with perfect pixels.

? Hand coded conversion process ensures SEO optimization and hence delivers the message of every business effectively.

? PSD to HTML conversion done with manual coding ensures validation of site with W3C markups.

? Hand coders provide error free semantic codes in comparison to the automated ones.

? Modification of codes and altering the file size is easy in hand made codes i.e. changes if any are easy to be done.

? Hand codes are more efficient in providing improved web accessibility.

Conversion of PSD to HTML is something which is “easier said than done” and required to be only observed by a person who can assure you of delivering positive results. Conversion with automated software is trendy but fails to provide accurate semantic codes. Conversion done through automated software may deliver results faster but actually lacks in quality. On the other hand, Manual coding is always better than automated or software coding for PSD to HTML conversion. For getting the better results it is important to hire a dedicated programmer who can successfully provide professional look to your site with carefully done manual coding. Human coders are also better options to avoid semantic technicalities in your conversion process.

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