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Creating a fully functional website is not an easy task. The process of design and development of a web portal includes long series of steps. Why to test a website before its launching? Testing a pre-launched web portal plays very significant role for its proper functioning and accessibility. Therefore, it is advisable to create a checklist of all the tasks to be tested before final launching of a newly designed website.

What are the important factors a checklist of pre-launched professionally designed website should include? It is quite pre-requisite to create checklist of a web portal in order to avoid possibility of missing out something. Below, a complete checklist of a pre-launched professionally designed website has been discussed in brief:

Loading time: Check the loading time of website along with every video, flash,  HTML/XHTML/CSS codes, image optimization. In addition to that, one should check for download time of each web page of a online portal.

Title of the website: Testing of website title is most important thing from SEO point of view because it comes on the top of a browser window.

Meta-tags: The Meta tags are the most significant element of a website. All the popular content hungry search engines like Google, Yahoo etc., used to extract data from meta tags already present in the website. So, it is very necessary to test the meta tags of web pages carefully.

Website Links: Broken links can really affect your web portal adversely and therefore, it is crucial to identify the broken links of a website for its proper functioning by using broken link checker (http://validator.w3.oorg/checklink).

Sitemap: It works as a guide to an user in a website mainly help them out in finding right page without any hassle. You should check for proper functioning of all the links provided in sitemap of a website carefully.

W3C validation: You should never forget to check World wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards validation in order to create a highly standard compliant web portal.

Cross browser compatibility: It is necessary that your website should be easily to run on every web browser and here, cross browser  testing comes into real picture. You should check compatibility of your website on different  major browsers like Internet explorer 6/7/8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and operating systems like Linux etc.

Content and Style: It is a universally accepted fact that content is the king of World Wide Web. So, you should never forget to double check the content, typography and layout, Consistency of text, hard-coded links, style of writing content, spelling and grammar, incorrect punctuation marks etc.

Validation: You should also test for HTML validation, JavaScript validation and CSS validation.

Implementation of Favicon: The Favicon are nothing but small icons on the left side of browser window plays very crucial role in browser bookmarking of a websites.

Simply check for all the above discussed factors before launching a web portal in the World Wide Web for its proper functioning. By considering this useful  checklist, you can easily create brand recognition for your web portal in the online market and drive high traffic rate along with positive ROI.

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