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In the web development field, nobody can imagine creating and debugging a website’s front-end code quickly without time-saving development and debugging tools. The responsibility and pressure on web developers for developing website with high-quality code quickly have necessitated the requirement of useful developer tools for saving time and improving site performance. At this end, every installation of Window Internet Explorer 9 comes with the essential F12 Developer Tools that enables web developers to fast debugging of codes.

In this post of CSSChopper, we would like to discuss some really useful time-saving F12 Developer Tools released exclusively by Internet Explorer 9 for faster debugging. The IE9’s developer tools are quite useful for web developer when working with implementation and customization of designs, themes, templates and skins e.g PSD to WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart, osCommerce, Magento, Drupal, X-Cart, vBulletin, Prestashop, Modx, CMS platforms and Shopify Website Development. Besides that, F12 developer tools are usable by web coders while converting any design format such as PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD to HTML/ XHTML/ CSS.

How to start?

Below, we have compiled steps to be followed to open “Developer tools” in Internet Explorer 9. Take a look:

? Download and install Internet Explorer 9
? Open IE9
? Go to Debug Menu
? Open Developer tools (press F12 key)

Internet Explorer 9 Developer Tools – Features

We have put together some of the most important set of features of Internet Explorer 9’s built-in F12 developer tools.

? Network Inspection Tab is the most useful feature of Internet Explorer 9’s developer tool which enables you to check and monitor performance of a web portal. Click on the Start Capturing button and refresh the current page to start viewing resources visible in the current tab. Click on Stop Capturing button to escape from.

? Inspecting HTML and CSS codes in the structure of the web page coding is quite time consuming. But, IE9 team has made it easy for web developers. Open Find menu by pressing Ctrl-B to find and select any elements and styles associated HTML and CSS. Interestingly, DOM pane enables you to edit the HTML by simply clicking on the Edit option.

? Script debugging and using the console. Internet Explorer 9 backed with powerful client-side script debugging ability that helps you to deal with complex code. Click on the Scrip tab to Start Debugging option to begin debugging particular script.
IE9’s developer tools allow you to track images by simply clicking on the Images menu with options like image paths, image dimensions, image size and image reports.

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