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The latest version 4.2 of WordPress has been launched and is now available for public. Released in honor of Powell, an American jazz Pianist, it brings manifold security fixes and urges WordPress users to update the site or avail the ideal WordPress development service. The notable content sharing feature of “POWELL” helps you get seamless integration & optimal sharing globally. This update comes under hood changes, including comprehensive JavaScript accessibility, Complex query ordering, Shared term splitting and Database character encoding.

A Glance On Its Significant Changes

  • Share Content Smoothly

It’s a great way to make clipping, editing and publishing simpler, so get acquainted with improved and newly introduced feature, called Press This. Using Tools menu, you can include this feature to the home screen of mobile device or browser bookmark bar hassle-freely. As installation gets completed, it allows you to share images, content and favorite videos in the fastest speed.

  • Extended Support For Character

wordpress character support

You will get better writing experience with Powell and no matter what language you use. This version supports the host of new out-of-the-box characters such as musical and mathematical symbols, hieroglyphs, native Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters. Emoji is now available here to make your task full of fun. Be creative to decorate your content with emoji.

  • Switch WP themes In Customizer

switch themes

Browse your installed themes & take its preview from customizer, but make sure that installed theme appears good with content on your website before debut.

  • Updated Streamlined Plugin

streamline update

This recently launched WordPress 4.2 “POWELL” allows you to get rid of boring loading screen and welcome simple yet smooth plugin updates.

  • More Embeds

Go through Kickstarter & Tumblr.com to paste links in editor and watch their magical appearance.

Ponder Under The Hood To See Key Qualities

  • utf8mb4 Support

Now, database character encoding includes support to a wide array of 4-byte characters after converting from utf8 to utf8mb4.

  • JavaScript Accessibility

Through the use of wp.a11y.speak(), you can share audible notifications in JavaScript to the screen readers. Once you pass it in string, an automatic update is sent to dedicated ARIA live notifications area.

  • Shared Term Splitting

If any of term which is shared across different taxonomies is updated, then these terms split.

  • Complex query ordering

WP_User_Query, WP_Comment_Query & WP_Query support onerous ordering along with predefined meta query clauses.


Update your existing WordPress website as the latest release, named 4.2 “POWELL” has been launched. It is now available to download. So, take the advantages from this release and get the best of the best writing experience.

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