SEO Tips for Web Designer and website developmentAs we all know that Search Engine is a major platform for the ecommerce business. An effective website is necessary for end user as well as website should also SEO Friendly to get the maximum exposure by search engine. Custom Website Development Company should concern some tips to build good SEO friendly website.

1. Search Engine Spiders or robots don’t Index Flash so try to avoid using pure flash in web page.

2. Do not use Flash or Javascript in navigational menu because this Search Engine Spiders cant crawl and index, use CSS (cascading style sheet). Website navigational text will be crawl-able and index able using by CSS navigation.

3. Try to avoid the using frame in webpage.

4. Don’t try to use fixed size values, for the reason that fixed sizes cannot be resized in the web browsers. So try to use relative size value in web page.

5. Keep page size small as low as possible that is recommended less than 20kb.

6. Website should be Cross Browser Compatible tool mean website should screening accurately with all or at least foremost browser.

7. Define every image with Alt text with some relative word.

8. Reduce images size with resolution of 72ppi. Large images increase loading time so slice large image in smaller with graphics editors.

9. Use H1-H6 Tag most web designers use only H1-H3 Tag in heading.

10. Create inner webpage url using with keyword used in file and folder path.

11. Build HTML site-map in the website.

12. Use clean html code; don’t write extra code that is often added by web site editors. So that loading time of web page can be decrease.


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