Every web developer used to code web pages of a site with strong HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-up languages in order to define page structure and content. It is advisable to code a web layouts with cross browser compatibility with W3C standards validation, table-less, well structures, easy-to-understand, SEO semantic  HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-up languages HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-up languages and nobody can deny this fact.

But, why to say yes to Table-less web layouts only? Well, thats a million dollar question. Due to rapid advancement in the field of web technology, cell based tables are completely out of trend and considered quite obsolete when it comes to design a web layout. It is highly advisable not to use tables in order to avoid any kind of annoyance on different browsers like Internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

Five reasons not to use tables for building web pages:

1.     Most of the time, the use of table in web layouts may cause inconvenience and inconsistency in the flow of the content mainly strive to bad accessibility and disrupts the visual uniformity of a web portal.

2.     Unnecessarily increase size of files by mixing content with the data of presentation.

3.     Tables mainly slow down the loading speed of the web content.

4.     Tables are not accepted by search engines and so considered highly non-SEO friendly. This is because of the simple reason that search engines like Google is highly compatible with <div> as well as CSS web layouts and use of tables simply make difficult for major browsers to optimize the web pages easily.

5.     Table based web layouts exploits creativity of web programmers.

Now-a-days, the table-less HTML/XHTML/CSS  web layouts are considered best option to create website in comparison to the standard page layout along with tables. The HTML/XHTML/CSS based table-less designs help in improving page ranking on search engines by simply reducing code to conduct ratio. On top of that, the table less web layouts comes with highly accessible, user-friendly navigation, good visual consistency, fast loading pages and lots more. Thats why one should always say yes to Table-less web layouts only.

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