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Nowadays, web design has become a vital aspect for the business to succeed. Many modern designing trends are ruling the web world. Adoption of those designing practices will help you in attaining a prominent position online. 

One such trend that is gaining a lot of popularity is Sketch to HTML conversion. No doubt, this conversion technique has taken the transformation process to a different level. It has helped in building websites that load faster and compatible with several devices. 

This conversion technique consists of sequential steps, and the most necessary step that is involved in designing is the conversion of Sketch to HTML. Within this post, we will make you understand the approaches that you can take to handle the conversion process efficiently. Before analyzing the conversion journey, you need to have a proper understanding of the basics. 

An Overview About Sketch

The Sketch is a popular graphic editor launched by a Dutch Company. It is a powerful tool that is utilized by programmers who are working on the Mac platform. A great alternative to Photoshop, Sketch has become the most preferred choice for web developers as it is flexible and easy to use. 

This platform is useful in the creation of mobile websites. With Sketch, designing for Android and iOS is not a challenging task. For improving productivity and user experience in design, Sketch makes it simpler to write plugins. Many plugins are available that are used for creating style guides and content as well. Sketch offers a big library that comprises unique symbols that can be used for UI elements, icons, etc.

Important Things to Know for Converting Sketch to HTML

Before discussing the Sketch to HTML conversion, it is necessary to know how Sketch is superior to its competitor, Photoshop. So, let’s check which is better for UI design.

  • Designers prefer high-definition more than regular displays. Sketch provides facility to resize objects. Since it is a vector-based graphic editor, it will not pixelate while others do. 
  • With Sketch, you can build numerous artboards and work on other tasks simultaneously while in Photoshop, you can work only on one canvas at a time. 
  • The Sketch is lighter than PSD. This removes the issue of file size. 
  • The logo can be designed with ease using Sketch. 
  • Sketch has an interactive user interface. 
  • With all the above benefits, Sketch to HTML conversion is an ideal choice for delivering amazing design results.

Strategies to Follow for Converting Sketch to HTML

When it is about converting Sketch designs to HTML code, there are various steps to consider. Hence, it is essential to understand every step that is involved in the conversion process. 

Step 1: Export the Code

This is an easy process where you have to choose “ Export HTML code.”

export code html

Step 2: Code Package

This zip file consists of HTML, CSS files, images, and fonts. 

zip file

 Select the file format (SVG or PNG) in which you like to export the layers. After that, select the location where you have to save the export. 

images format

Essential Aspects for Sketch to HTML Conversion

Cross-Browser Compatible Websites

It is necessary to have a web design that operates seamlessly across all browsers. Previously, Internet Explorer was the only browser used for accessing websites. But, now, the choices have become massive. With an increase in the number of browsers, it becomes crucial for the developers to test their site on different versions of the browsers. If you don’t perform testing of your web pages for cross-browser compatibility, then you can quickly lose your potential customers.

Cross-Browser Compatible Websites

Search-Engine Friendliness 

The primary purpose of designing a website is to increase the visibility of a brand online. This can be achieved only if your site is performing better on top searches. For converting your pages from Sketch, you have to ensure that the page that has been programmed is search engine friendly. This can be accomplished by following the W3C coding norms. 

Page Speed

You should keep a close check on the page loading speed while Sketch to HTML conversion. User experience is a necessary factor in keeping your website close to search engines and visitors. The sites with good user experience can help in attaining higher search engine rankings. Hence, page loading speed is a crucial factor that helps in determining whether a site is user-friendly or not. 

Benefits of Sketch to HTML Conversion for Businesses

The sketch is considered as the best designing tool which provides opportunities for simplifying web development. 

Smart Guides

Sketch offers a comprehensive guide that will aid in using the designing tool properly. This excellent solution provides developers to see guide without any interruption. In this way, the developers can handle spacing within the objects using the ALT key. 

Easy Exporting 

This feature allows designers to save layers individually and export objects to achieve retina-friendly visuals. This interactive design feature speeds up the web development process. 

Option to Resize Objects

Sketch has everything in the vector form. With this feature, the developers can resize objects without hampering the quality. 


The sketch comes with numerous canvas for the designers. This leverages them to draw a diverse range of artboards and see how things will function after completing the design. 

Built-in Grids

This functionality allows developers to align layers perfectly. If you want to use this feature effectively, you have to customize the column width as per the web development requirements. 

Final Thoughts

The rising demand for Sketch to HTML conversion has encouraged many companies to enter in this industry. Therefore, you should opt for a service provider carefully. There are lots of factors that need to be considered before choosing anyone, like total industrial experience, cost, etc. 

CSSChopper is a leading provider of Sketch to HTML services. We utilize modern and advanced tools to offer supreme quality HTML conversion for a Sketch design. Our designs adapt to the screen sizes of multiple devices. Call us today!


17 January 2020
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