Everything You Need to Know About PSD to HTML Conversion

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Everything You Need to Know about PSD to HTML Conversion

There are many important steps that undertake in order to create an enticing website before you. In this process of web designing, one of the essential steps is PSD to HTML conversion. Your PSD (Photoshop document) files can be transferred into front-end code with this process. Therefore, if you require an alluring custom-made website for your business, with pre-made designs in PSD format, this method would solve all your problems. We at CSSChopper, offer eminent PSD to HTML conversion services. We have over 200 professional developers who have years of experience working this advance markup language. This process will make your website visually captivating yet authentic in appearance with personalized designs. Isn’t that what anyone would dream for an ideal website? 

A running rumor is out there saying that PSD to HTML is dead in the market now. We agree that there are many variations to make custom designs integrated into your website, but look at the screenshot below: 

google search

What you see here is a simple search result of “PSD to HTML”  on Google. It returns with more than 10 million results. How can it be dead than? This question clearly demands an eloquent explanation. 

Let’s begin. 

What is PSD to HTML Conversion? 

A website for your business is the foundation brick to build an online platform. Creating a website from scratch is an intrepid move. The website could be a nightmare and that would be the last thing you want for your business. With PSD to HTML, you can make sure to acquire exactly what you want! How? Read ahead: 

PSD stands for Photoshop document which is used for graphics design. Photoshop is also useful for creating website designs that later can be converted into HTML/CSS code. These files can be converted into markups one layer at a time. 

It is always better to experiment before settling. Designing a website in photoshop will give you that opportunity to experiment and then simply convert it HTML. Or if this job is too complicated for you, we can take over PSD to HTML conversion. We have a team of adroit professionals that can transform a mare photoshop file as your business’s visual representation through HTML along with CSS and JavaScript. At CSSChopper we develop websites that are easy to integrate with any CMS. We are one of the profound names in the PSD to HTML service provider of the industry.

What are the other methods to enable the conversion method: 

What are the other methods to enable the conversion method

Now there are basically two more ways to perform PSD to HTML conversion: 


It is possible that you have a passion for coding and know your way through HTML. If that is the case, then you should try coding yourself. This requires adequate technical capabilities to code the entire website. One would need to have the basic knowledge of HTML codes (obviously!) and other primary tags that this conversion job demands.

Automatic Tools

If coding is not in your best area of skills, or you don’t want to take any chances to your website or maybe there is not sufficient time. Now for the times like these, there are automated tools to convert files from photoshop to HTML. A pixel-perfect conversion cannot be expected from these automated tools, therefore be ready to compromise a little. 

To resolve this issue of pixelated website, you can avail the aid of expertise from professionals. We at CSSChopper, exactly that! We aim to provide our services that offer 100% satisfaction to the customer and websites that are enticing, pixel-perfect with lighten-fast speed. We can be your true technology partner. 

What are the Benefits of PSD to HTML Conversion?

PSD to HTML conversion calls for a systematic process of creating HTML/CSS/JavaScript code based on the Photoshop files. There are numerous advantages of this process and some of them have been described below:

Responsive Web Design

A limitation is no option for the world we are living in. A website of any type should be responsive in nature. This should not be a problem because, at CSSChopper, we offer to create websites with PSD to HTML Conversion. With an attractive website for your business, you can have easily convert your visitors into customers. Because of the responsive nature of any website, the user is more likely to discover a website. You will have greater accessibility and wider search engine visibility. 

CMS Integration

A good Content Management System(CMS)  is essential for your website. The CMS is useful for managing your site like adding, editing, modifying, or removing content. The HTML template generated after PSD to HTML conversion can be easily integrated with a CMS like Wor. Many profound brands have integrated this conversion method to create more responsive website designs via PSD to HTML converted files. 

Standards-Compliant Output

PSD to HTML conversion is helpful for creating standards-compliant HTML markups. It ensures smooth validation of varied standard norms defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. When the PSDs are sliced and coded into HTML/CSS, high-quality webpages are generated by following the best coding practices. The final HTML output is also optimized for performance and best appearance. Quality is maintained by creating a clean, well-commented,  and well-structured HTML code. 

Cross-browser Compatibility

Webpages obtained via PSD to HTML conversion process are accessible through various web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. Thus you can ensure to build cross-browser compatible webpages by using this process. Also, After optimizing the code for high-performance, the webpages will load quickly in different web browsers. 

Dynamic Functions 

Integrating dynamic features to your website is not easier with a PSD to HTML conversion. The world will always thrive for more, therefore it is better for you to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. There are many technological advancements like 7d animation, Artificial intelligence and more. With PSD familiar interface, it would be easier for you to create a static layout for your website and with the help of HTML, it can go from static to responsive, in a bit. 

Final Words

Your technology partner, CSSChopper, will build a website that is both responsive and interactive to entice users to your website. With a decade of experience, we have gained adequate expertise to perform PSD to HTML conversions. Our experts are ready to impress you!


10 December 2019
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