PSD to HTML conversion service price decisive factors

PSD to HTML conversion services always remain in high demand despite the fact that it is a long process. Well, it is all because of the real fact that converting PSD to HTML is the mandatory step for adding functionality and usability in a static website design. Turning PSD image file to well-structured, cross browser compatible, SEO semantic, hand coded, W3C validated HTML markup language is extremely important for appealing websites performing well on major web browsers. This brings PSD to HTML services into high demand.

More and more number of PSD to HTML conversion service providers are entering into the market to address increased demand of conversion service at an affordable cost. In the marketplace, everybody is claiming for the best service but at different price tags. This make people think what is the right costing of converting PSD to HTML. In this context, we are here going to discuss some most noteworthy PSD to HTML conversion service price decisive factors that you should keep into mind when hiring services from professional service provider. Take a look:

1) Company or freelancer: – Pricing rates can differ on the basis of whom you hire. It is quite obvious a company will be going to hire more in comparison to a freelancer. This is because of the simple reason that a team of HTML developers will be going to handle your project if you opt for a professional web development company. The dedication results in high quality outcomes. On the other hand, you cannot expect same from freelancer programmers because there is one single person handling all the work.

2) Number of webpages: – Every PSD to HTML service provider used to charge additional amount of money for number of web pages apart from single web page. You might get discounts from the company if number of pages is more.

3) Turnaround time: – “Time is money”. In the web development company, quick turnaround time of project is inversely proportional to the service cost. Fast turnaround time means more cost and less cost for more time. You cannot compromise with time factor. Most of the freelancers tend to negotiate over the time factor. When you are very particular about project turnaround time then hiring professional web development company is right solution.

4) Complexity of design: – Turning PSD design format into HTML is all about coding the static design into valid mock-ups. The cost of conversion service can also vary from the level of complications which means more complicated design would charge more cost or vice-versa.

5) CMS Integration support: – If you choose for CMS or shopping cart integration service along with conversion then you have to pay more. These days’ people are jumping to new trend of using open source CMS and shopping carts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc for easy management of website. Remember CMS integration will add more to your total cost.

6) Additional features: – Always remember that extra features like W3C validation, cross browser compatibility, SEO semantic codes, scripting, and many more can add more to the total cost of conversion service.

Above we have discussed some worth mentioning factors which determine cost of PSD to HTML conversion service. You should never put price on priority because what matters the most is quality standards.

Posted By: CSSChopper Team

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